Your Next Piece Of Jewelry May Come From A 3D Printer

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-22
In manufacturing, 3D printing is traditionally used for prototyping.
It was not until recently that people began to use 3D printers to make more of the work of amateurs, such as action characters, board games and other hobbies.
It\'s still fairly niche, but the 3D printer has just been backed up by one of the biggest luxuries around it-jewelry.
Cookson Precious Metals, United Kingdom
Suppliers based in the manufacture of precious metals will display their 3D printed jewelry parts at the Hong Kong jewelry fair later this month.
These parts are made in gold through a process called Precious M 080.
The main benefit of making jewelry through 3D printing is that the company can customize jewelry for its customers.
Custom orders will cost more money and more time before 3D printing appears.
This technology will also make it possible to produce jewelry on a large scale.
Making jewelry with a 3D printer may not be as interesting as making organs or guns, but it is still important for the entire 3D printer ecosystem.
As more and more industries adopt this technology, the price of 3D printers will drop.
Pure vanity items like jewelry may also increase the interest of ordinary consumers in 3D printing, resulting in faster adoption.
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