Worldwide shipments of 3D printers will grow 108% in 2016, Gartner says

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-29
Chennai: according to Gartner\'s latest forecast, global 3D printer shipments will reach 455,772 units in 2016, more than double the 219,168 units in 2015.
Although the growth rate slowed after the initial rapid growth in the market, the growth in 3D printer shipments in the next four years will make the total shipments in 2020 more than 6 units. 7 million.
\"3D printing was once a niche market, but it continues to transform into a broad market.
\"Based on mainstream technology, it is popular with consumers and businesses around the world,\" said Peter barryer, vice president of research at Gartner . \".
\"With the continuous development of hardware and software,
Expanding the collection of available materials has driven the growth of the consumer and enterprise 3D printing market.
\"3D printing, in addition to its application in the professional industry, is now experiencing wide acceptance.
Today, 3D printing is used to make prototypes, increase manufacturing processes, and produce finished products.
A wide range of industries use 3D printing in moderation.
Gartner expects broader and more diverse growth to continue as new technology providers and processes emerge.
At present, there are seven technologies in the 3D printer market, and material extrusion is expected to lead the market by 2020, mainly due to low entry costs.
Press the printer with horizontal material.
As new suppliers enter the market and expand the range of printable materials, shipments of stereo printing printers will also grow rapidly.
\"The main market driver for consumer 3D printers that cost less than $2,500 is the low acquisition
Cost equipment for educational institutions and corporate engineering, marketing and creative departments, \"said Basiliere.
\"Secondary and post-secondary students are using 3D printers for several applications and subjects where the use of 3D printers can prepare students for many career paths, aerospace and robotics
\"The main driving force in the 3D printer market is the quality of the parts, the progress of the materials and the ability of the equipment to manufacture prototypes, tools, fixtures and finished products.
Throughout the forecast period, prototyping will remain the main enterprise use of 3D printers, while by 2020 the proportion of them used to expand manufacturing will grow to 75%.
Up to now, nearly 65% of independent manufacturers that use 3D printers are expected to use 3D printers to produce product components that they sell or serve.
\"Aircraft and aerospace manufacturers have been using this method for years, using 3D printers to produce low
\"Volume parts and small batch parts with complex design,\" Basiliere said . \".
\"The equipment life of military organizations is usually very long, and they are working with defense contractors to evaluate 3D printing of replacement and modification of components on shore and at sea.
\"From a regional perspective, the 3D Printer Market in North America and Western Europe will continue to grow strongly in 2016.
However, the growth rate of their shipments will continue to lag behind several regions around the world.
Gartner predicts greater China, emerging Asia-
Pacific and mature Asia
By 2020, the Pacific region will experience a combination of high 3D printer shipments and high growth rates.
This growth will be driven by the private sector.
Public sector
Industry organizations recognizing that 3D printing poses a threat to local industries that rely on traditional manufacturing technologies.
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