Worldwide shipments of 3D printers to grow 49% in 2013: Gartner

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-09
Chennai: global shipments of 3D printers (3DPs)
Prices below $100,000 will grow by 49% in 2013, with a total of 56,507 units, and Gartner forecasts a consumer and enterprise 3D printer market below $100,000.
The rapid quality and performance innovation of all 3DP technologies will drive the needs of businesses and consumers.
Gartner said shipments will increase further in 2014, up 75% to 98,065 units, followed by almost double unit shipments in 2015.
\"The 3D printer market has reached an inflection point,\" said Peter barreyer, research director at Gartner . \".
\"While this is still an emerging market, there is an urgent need for hardware, software, and service providers to provide easier development speed and an increase in buyer interest thanks to the hype that exceeds the technical reality --to-
Use tools and materials to produce continuous high yieldQuality results.
\"At 2013, the end of the merger-
Users will spend $0. 412 billion on 3d ps, up 43% from $0. 288 billion in 2012.
Total corporate spending will exceed $0. 325 billion in 2013, while consumer spending will reach nearly $87 million.
Spending will grow by 62% to $0. 669 billion in 2014, $0. 536 billion in corporate spending and $0. 133 billion in consumer spending.
\"As the product matures rapidly, organizations will increasingly leverage the potential of 3D printing in the lab, product development and manufacturing business,\" Basiliere said . \".
\"Over the next 18 months, as prices, apps and features become more attractive, we expect consumers to move from curiosity about technology to finding reasons to justify the purchase.
\"Historically, the number of 3D printers sold was small, and most of the early additive manufacturing equipment was sold to North America, Western Europe and the mature Asia-Pacific region-the country where the major technology service providers were located was no coincidence.
These areas will sell more printers than hundreds of thousands in other areas.
So far, North America and Western Europe have dominated the market, while 98 in Greater China.
Gartner said that by 2017, the compound growth rate of 8% will exceed 6 percentage points.
Shipments of 3D printers are expected to grow by 52 in mature Asia Pacific countries.
1% units 3,817 and 70,295 from 2013 to 2017;
Total shipments are expected to grow by 55 in Asia-Pacific emerging markets.
Between 7% and 2013, it reached 1,643 units and 14,800 units in 2017.
\"Over the past 12 months, with the emergence of local 3D printer manufacturers, the 3D printing industry in India has changed.
Zalak Shah, research analyst at Gartner, said: \"There is a very active\" manufacturer \"community in this country, and many new entrants and amateurs are developing 3D printers based on the open source RepRap program
\"In developing countries like India, 3D printing has great potential and exciting opportunities that are being explored, such as remote printing products and recycling of household plastic waste to provide printers
Basiliere said: \"The hype of consumer 3D printing has made enterprises realize that in the past five years, the price points and functions of 3DP have changed significantly, driving the growth of shipments starting in 2014.
Due to competitive pressure and higher shipments, the price of 3D printers will decline in the next few years, even considering the suppliers who will provide high-performance equipment, gartner said, features and quality enable them to stay on top of pricing.
Gartner predicts that by 2015, seven of the 50 largest multinational retailers will sell 3D printers through physical stores and online stores.
\"Staples superstore Staples is already on the market and other super stores and consumer goods retailers such as Yamada Denki are the main candidates for selling printers and finished 3D printed products.
Their presence in the market will have an impact on the average selling price, forcing suppliers to lower
\"By 2017, the profit sales of consumers 3DP,\" Basiliere said . \".
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