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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-20
Ludiana: Federation of Business and Industry (CICU)
Organized a seminar on low-
On Saturday night, 100 participants from various industries such as auto parts, sewing machines, hand tools, bicycles, truck manufacturers, machine tools and knives participated in cost automation.
Upkar Singh Ahuja, president of CICU, said, \"Low
Because industry is suffering from a shortage of labor, cost automation is very relevant.
This is very beneficial to businessmen, especially those of MSME (
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).
Both of them also said MSME found high investment
Cost automation tools such as robots, CNC transfer machines and transfer tools.
Therefore, low-cost automation to reduce manpower and control costs is the most feasible option for them.
\"During the event, Nitin Kumar held an interactive meeting with 15 years of experience in manufacturing and automotive companies.
In his presentation, he discussed various modules such as the architecture of industrial automation systems, how to identify opportunities for industrial automation, and the different sensors needed for industrial automation.
During the project, Pankaj Sharma, secretary-general of the association, also expressed his thoughts, and S. B. Singh, co-secretary, also expressed his thanks for voting.
The representative of auto parts manufacturing group participated in the event.
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