why verizon wants you to make its next phone

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-17
Verizon on Wednesday (VZ)
Announced cooperation with Bug Labs.
This is a strange pairing. A giant profit-
Small champion for telecom companies and open source hardware.
But that could bring dividends to both sides.
To find out how strange the alliance is, I just read the blog post written by Bug Labs founder Peter Semmelhack to corporate customers.
\"A company may surprise you. Verizon]
What is often vilified because of the closure is to work with Bug Labs, a company defined by its openness.
I was skeptical at first.
\"Semmelhack said that after talking to Verizon for a few months, he believed it would respect a project based on open source principles.
By working with Verizon, Bug Lab has gained a powerful platform to advertise its products for free.
On the other hand, a reliable source of profit, given Verizon\'s fixed-phone business, is shrinking rapidly.
Even in the mobile space, the use of text, mobile networks, videos, and applications has cast a shadow over higher-margin voice plans.
Trump has two options to visit Verizon, a Virginia Beach hero in the UK, for violence in Chicago.
Start charging more (
Changes from unlimited plan to tiered plan are possible)
Or introduce an exciting new device category, like Apple (APPL)
There are IPod, iPhone and iPad.
Working with bugs will allow Verizon to pursue a second option without having to put a lot of resources into production and R & D.
The model will be similar to the App Store and will be heavy work done by third-party developers.
In addition to this app store will be hardware, not software.
Bug has built a series of modular open source devices to enable rapid prototyping.
The plan is that independent developers will produce gadgets and Verizon will review them to produce equipment where it sees potential.
If the idea becomes popular, Verizon may become a retailer of finished products and raw materials.
This is a better strategy than waiting to take over the next big thing from Apple.
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