who is terry gou? iphone billionaire to run for president of taiwan

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Foxconn billionaire founder Terry Gou announced on Wednesday that he plans to run for Taiwan\'s president after an ocean goddess urged him to run for Taiwan\'s presidency. Relations with China and the United StatesS.
But who is gou? While the 68-year-
In his own country, he is always a star. he is hardly a household name abroad.
However, his factory employs more than one million people in China and thousands of people from the United States around the world. S.
Travel to Czech Republic and Brazil.
Foxconn Technology Group has assembled mobile phones and gadgets that almost every family in developed countries can find, including most of Apple\'s.
Dozens of devices from Iphone and other brands.
If you own Sony\'s PlayStation 4 or Amazon\'s Kindle, it is likely to come from a factory in Gou.
His presidential campaign sparked speculation Thursday at several companies in Foxconn\'s empire.
As Gou tries to challenge Taiwan\'s president TSAI ING-WEN, it is a business that has both advantages and disadvantages --
Wen Jiabao, a critic of the Communist Party\'s support for formal independence.
He is one of Taiwan\'s most successful entrepreneurs. -
A strong leader who can negotiate with China and the United StatesS. --
His huge investment in the mainland could raise questions about Beijing\'s potential influence on the democratic island. Gou (Pronounced Gwor)
In 1974, at the age of 23, he received a loan of $41 billion from his mother, starting his empire of $7,500. driven boom.
The former transport clerk used the loan to purchase plastic molding machines that make knobs to replace the Black Channeland-
White TV of American and European brands. U. S.
To get more business, he\'s 11-
Month tour of the United StatesS.
When I was in my early 80 s, I suddenly visited some companies, like a door --to-door salesman.
In Raleigh, North Carolina, he booked himself into a motel near IBM facilities.
After three days of hanging out, he got an appointment and left with an order for the connector.
With China\'s opening up, Gou\'s ability to combine U. S. demand for gadgets with cheap Asian labor has improved significantly.
While many Taiwanese manufacturers are hesitant to transfer production across the Taiwan Strait, Gou set up his first mainland factory in Shenzhen in 1988, and Beijing has promised not to nationalize Taiwanese investment.
Business is booming.
A factory followed closely, and Gou became one of the country\'s largest private employers.
His factory is packed with young migrant workers from the Chinese mainland, like small cities, with housing, canteens, clinics and entertainment venues.
Initially, Gou\'s factory, located in a prosperous area near Hong Kong, began to spread across the country, including the northern Shanxi province where his family came from. But the behind-
The makers of Iphone and ipod scenes will soon become the international focus.
In 2010, more than a dozen Foxconn employees committed suicide, raising questions about the company\'s continued pursuit of lower costs and the highest efficiency.
Gou realized that the meaning of death was slow.
\"The first, second and third questions, I don\'t think it\'s a serious one.
We have about 800,000 employees, \"he told Bloomberg News in 2010.
\"At the moment, I feel guilty.
But at that moment, I don\'t think I should take full responsibility.
Gou is generous, the oldest of his father\'s three sons, and he is known for his harsh and generous behavior.
According to another former executive who attended the meeting, he had forced a senior executive to remain in a position of 10 minutes at a meeting of several hundred people to obtain unsatisfactory answers.
As we all know, his meetings can last for several hours, and close assistants are expected to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
On the other hand, he used the dividends of the company\'s trust shares he held to pay a lot of bonuses to executives and employees from his pocket.
Now, Gou is no longer in the shadow. When U. S.
President Donald Trump has called for more investment in the United StatesS.
In manufacturing, Gou is one of the first companies to respond to this call. he agreed to build a 13,000-
The workers factory at Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin in exchange for more than $4.
The government rewarded 5 billion.
Praised by Trump as \"one of the greatest deals ever\", the Wisconsin Project has since been low
Paid work, sudden dismissal, and a chaotic environmentchanging goals.
Foxconn said the plant is expected to start producing LCD monitors next year.
Now, Gou has become the focus.
The man whose father fought the Kuomintang-
Or the Kuomintang. -
The army in the Civil War fled with Mao Zedong\'s Communists.
On 1949, Shi Zheng was seeking the KMT nomination for the January presidential election.
Like Beijing, the KMT believes that both sides belong to \"one China\" and has since become Taiwan\'s strongest advocate of close relations.
Guo Taiming told reporters in Taipei today: \"I will participate in the primary election of the Kuomintang . \" He described his core values as \"peace, stability, economy and the future \".
\"His resources can help him stand out from potential Kuomintang challengers, including former Taipei mayor Zhu Liwen and former Legislative Speaker Wang Jin --pyng. Han Kuo-yu and Ko Wen-
The outspoken mayor of Kaohsiung and Taipei, je, did not rule out running.
Wu Yu said: \"For KMT supporters, no other candidate is better than Guo Taiming, because Guo Taiming and the leaders of China and the United States are getting along very well.
Shan is an outstanding researcher at the Institute of Political Science, Taipei Central Research Institute.
He is not only a respected businessman, but also one of Taiwan\'s largest philanthropist.
Last year, Gou used his wealth to find a cure for cancer and opened a new cancer hospital in Taipei.
His first wife died of breast cancer in 2005 and his brother Tony died after fighting leukemia in 2007.
Earlier on Wednesday, Gou claimed that Mazu, the Chinese goddess of the sea, encouraged him to \"stand up\" to support peace across the Taiwan Strait.
\"Mazu told me that she should inspire me to do good for those who suffer, to give hope to the young, to support the cross
Gou said she added that the goddess had recently spoken to him in her dream.
His religious beliefs extend to his factory, where there are statues of the land of God and earth of China.
The question remains how can Gou make decades of money in China and his billions of dollars in China, and how he manages an island that still has an unstable relationship with Beijing
Earlier this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping suggested that Taiwan enter
\"In-depth democratic consultation\" and efforts to achieve reunification, which he hopes to solve 70-year dispute. Wang Ting-
Yu Minhong, a ruling dpp mp, pointed out that Beijing has put pressure on international companies such as Delta Airlines.
Clothing brands such as Inditex SA
Zara insists on its sovereignty over Taiwan.
He said it was difficult for Gou to get rid of the issue of his business interests in China.
\"Because where is your treasure, your heart will be there,\" the King quoted the Bible scripture as saying . \".
\"While President Gou wants to become Taiwan\'s head of state, his wealth is in the hands of Xi Jinping.
I think 23 million people in Taiwan will care about this. ”(
The third paragraph of the stock market frenzy update. )--
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