who is roger doyle? filming the godfather of irish electronica

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-07
Next Thursday, on Galway\'s film fleriyadh, there will be the premiere of a documentary titled \"The new Irish long film I\'m happy to make.
But Roger Doyle, one of Ireland\'s most acclaimed international composers, has been making music for 50 years.
His work ranged from orchestra to minimalist piano to electronic music, where he was nicknamed the godfather of Irish electronic music.
He has released 27 albums and works in many stage productions and several Irish films, but most Irish people don\'t know him except for the small art scenes in Dublin.
Now that he is in his 60 s, he writes every day and is angered by the relentless work ethic.
He doesn\'t mind being obscure and posting his own music on the cd and downloading it from his band page.
His music has attracted some modest but loyal followers, especially abroad.
At 2016, I shot the flight. on-the-
Preparations for Roger\'s first electronic opera.
It is a surreal, visually striking work of philsopher Giordano Bruno during the Renaissance.
Known for facing Catholic teachings, Bruno dares to suggest that the universe is infinite, that the Earth is just another planet, not the center of the universe that the Vatican believes in.
The Vatican has made it so bad that Bruno was burned down on a 1600 stake.
This rich and dramatic background is the perfect material for Roger\'s music, as the actor who plays Bruno, Morgan Crawley, burned alive on the stage of the Project Arts Center (
Illusion generated by the flame video projected on the stage)
I realized that the opera was probably just one of Roger\'s best pieces, and certainly one of the most striking pieces I \'ve ever seen at the Irish theater.
In addition to the opera, the film also looks back at Roger\'s long career, which was part of a trip to his music and the 1970 and 80-year-old Irish avant-garde drama and film scene.
Back in 2004, I saw Roger for the first time on the film fleriyadh.
Where will the film be shown now?
His music has aroused my interest.
It cast a spell and I started to have an idea about his documentary, although no one seemed to be interested at the time.
Years later, when I finally decided to make an ambitious feature film, no one was still interested --
But I did.
Thankfully, after seeing a rough cut of the film, Screen loved the film and helped me finish it.
I first shot Roger in Whelan in 2005, when Roger was performing with some other electronic musicians.
Roger is playing and looks like a huge goldfish bowl.
This is a transparent plastic globe with electrodes, and the sound of reverb is amplified when hit, so it becomes a strange percussion instrument.
While he was playing the tune, a young woman appeared on the stage and began to roar with Finnish riffs.
It was a pretty good night.
I don\'t know what I just shot, except that it\'s weird, exciting, and politely outrageous.
This is the beginning of my journey through the world of Roger Doyle\'s music, sometimes reaching a climax in his exciting opera.
Roger\'s long-time collaborator, actress Owen fall, believes that his music does come from outer space, and after studying Roger for a long time, I conclude that she may find something.
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