WATCH: Robot hand can pick up 50-pound weight, use tweezers

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-01
It is more and more likely to have a robot that can open a can of soda for you. Using a three-
National Defense Advanced Research Project Bureau (DARPA)
IRobot has released one that is able to pick up 50-
The pound is heavy, using a small part of the key and survived after being hit by a baseball bat.
According to DARPA\'s YouTube channel, the researchers deviated from the direction of imitating the hands and chose a three-pronged approach, using a usable Palm, which would make it easier for the robot to perform fluid
This machine is part of the operation of DARPA\'s Autonomous Robot (ARM-H)
Low development projects
Cost and agile robotic hand hardware.
Protesters in the Connecticut virginia Beach shooting interrupted Harris\'s \"arm-
The H-hand is built using a variety of methods, including 3D printing, custom plastic and rubber molding, and classic processing techniques, each method can be used to build different parts of the hand, iRobot Chief robot engineer said in an email to CBSNews. com.
According to DARPA, manufacturing costs are only $1,000 when producing 3,000 hands in bulk.
Robots on the market are currently selling for up to $50,000.
\"However, as robots become more common in multiple industries, it is conceivable that lower-cost, durable and effective robotic hands may be available in several future applications,\" Claffee said.
It is hoped that these people will eventually be used to help disarm the bombs, or to complete other military activities that may endanger lives.
These robotic hands are able to do so much that some researchers believe that they are not only good for dangerous defense missions, but also help people who need fake hands.
Watch the video below to see the hands of the robot at work.
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