visbody 3d body scanner: a big hit at euromold

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-10
3D technology is a key factor in manufacturing innovation.
As the first event in the world in the field of mold manufacturing, rapid prototyping, tools, additive manufacturing and 3D technology, 2015 of European molds were just over in September 25.
This year\'s model attracted hundreds of suppliers and thousands of tourists from all over the world.
Among the various innovative companies and products at the exhibition,
An up company named Suanier Tech from China stands out.
The product they bring is the Visbody 3D human body scanner.
Its unique appearance and advanced technology have attracted wide attention.
Their booth is packed with visitors who want to get a 3D scan personal experience throughout the exhibition.
Suanier Tech was established in 2014.
They received 20 million yuan from venture capital companies.
This year, Suanier launched the Visbody 3D body scanner for the first time in Euromold.
Visbody 3D human body scanner can collect complete
Get Human 3D data and color information in 1 second, then build realistic 3D model based on multi-dimensional
View fusion technologies.
Visbody\'s innovative Dome
Type structure allows 93 5 megabytes
The Pixel camera covers the whole body without any blind spots.
The data integrity of the 3D model generated by Visbody exceeds 95%.
In addition, Visbody is equipped with LED cold light as a light compensation system to minimize the impact of ambient light while avoiding any damage to the human eye.
At the Design Engineering Forum, an important department of the European mold, from industry experts such as Microsoft, GE and Autodesk.
Get together and share their latest results and discuss future trends. The 25-year-
Mr. , the old CTO and co-founder of Suanier Tech.
Zhu Zhiwei delivered a speech entitled \"bringing people from reality to the virtual world\" at the forum.
As he said, Suanier wants to make a 3D scanner that can be used in daily life, not just some expensive equipment that can only be provided in scientific research, medical diagnosis and treatment, and cutting
Edge film production.
Although Suanier Tech brought only a prototype to Euromold this year, Visbody has been applied to virtual fitting, body tracking, and plastic surgery before and after the picture.
Next year, you will be able to purchase a more portable version of Visbody on the market.
Suanier Tech will continue to showcase its progress at international exhibitions and look for overseas partners.
If you would like to know more about Visbody, please visit the official www website. visbody.
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