Viasystems Gains Defense Work By Merging With Merix

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-11
The private holding company, Viasystems, announced that they had reached a merger agreement with Merix this month.
Both companies produce printed circuit boards for various applications.
Viasystems is currently privately held, but the new company will be listed after the merger.
The two companies focus on different markets and capabilities when producing the same basic products.
Viasystems takes advantage of its vast product line
In the name of the company, a large number of circuit boards are produced mainly for OEM manufacturers from production facilities in Asia.
Merix focuses on providing customers with rapid prototyping and production.
One of Merix\'s markets recently was defense and aerospace.
Merix focuses on the production of standard electronic products for military specifications.
To support their products, the company has signed a number of agreements with Rockwell Collins.
This is a classic example of entering the United States. S.
Explore other defense markets by merging or acquiring another company.
Many large defense contractors use this technology to gain access to new products or capabilities, or to a new geographic market.
In this case, Viasystems is getting contracts and contacts from Merix with other defense contractors.
Over the past quarter, Merix\'s aerospace business has grown by 4% and continues to move in that direction.
Viasystems has struggled over the past decade.
The company went bankrupt in 2002 and finally sold the wiring harness business, focusing on the circuit board.
While the business is recovering, it relies on its use of Chinese-made priorities when closing three US businesses. S.
Factories were set up in 2008 and early 2009.
By merging with Merix, it will also make it easier to do business with the USS.
Department of Defense and industryS.
Facilities and staff.
This provides a way to meet the needs of technology transfer and security.
Trend News google Cloud outagemailing gunfight protesters at momigiña beach, Connecticut through this merger disrupted Harris\'s ability to reach customers and markets, especially defense-related
If Viasystems tries to become a supplier from scratch or work with the Department of Defense, then it will take time and some investment to make progress.
Now, with the merger with Merix, they have a customer base and contacts. / CC BY 2.
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