vacuum casting

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-26
Vacuum casting is widely used in 3d real models or prototypes with low volume.
A soft tool is usually used 20-
25 replicas can be made from polyurethane materials.
The vacuum casting process is a 5-step process, starting with the creation of a master model that is precisely and highly completed, the model can use a variety of RP technologies such as stereo exposure, FDM, SLS, CNC, or existing parts. The second step;
This mother model is placed in a mold box and liquid silicone rubber is poured on the owner.
Once the silicon is cured, the die is cut according to the established split wire and the main model is removed, leaving the cavity accurately formed.
Step 4: the mold cavity is used to cast a variety of polyurethane or epoxy materials available.
This allows the rapid production of high-quality parts in a short period of time. In the next chapter, the advantages and disadvantages will be detailed.
The cost of making silicone molds is much lower than that of steel molds, and the manufacture of these molds can be completed in a short time.
From the lead time of 4-
10 days is possible, but it depends on the complexity and how the main model is made.
There are many kinds of polyurethane materials, and their performance is very close to the injection molding materials from soft rubber grade to hard plastic.
Some polyurethane can be colored directly or sandblasted or painted on the finished product.
Due to the flexibility of the silicone mold, the product can be cut down without a slider or core.
You can also place the plug-in the mold or even on the mold
2 or more parts can be formed.
Disadvantages: The tool life of silicone mold is limited;
A cavity can only do 20-
In addition to having to create a new mold, there are 25 parts.
Due to different manufacturing conditions and methods, vacuum casting parts are not the same as injection parts.
Very thin wall sections are not recommended, and the possibility of cracking or warping is not recommended.
Suggestion: it is recommended that the minimum wall thickness not be less than 0. 8mm.
More than 1mm is the recommended size.
In general, a single mold can produce 20 sets, so a multiple of 20 sets can give you a better price to make up for the cost of the silicon mold. E. G.
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