Twitter Says Ruby Is Just Alright With Them

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-11
Twitter answers a tricky question in the development community: Will Ruby on Rails continue to exist when overhaul its infrastructure?
The answer is: Ruby will stay, but Twitter may diversify in some areas.
Ruby on Rails has suffered some damage because of Twitter\'s disruption, but in a Q & A on its architecture, the company has directly hit a number of recent reports that Ruby will be thrown out.
There are two camps for Twitter\'s uptime issue: one that distinguishes architecture from Ruby and thinks Twitter will keep Rails and the other that doesn\'t.
Twitter is going to say: we have a lot of code in Ruby, we will continue to develop in Ruby and develop Rails for our front end-
End a period of work
In our system, Ruby is perfect for doing a lot of things, and different languages and technologies are better suited elsewhere.
Our key issues are mainly the development of buildings and infrastructure to keep up with our growth.
Working in Ruby is a trade based on our experience
Turn off between developer speed/productivity and VM speed/meter/visibility.
The statement is in line with what Ruby supporters say.
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Shouldn\'t Twitter tarnish RubyAnd will Twitter use Ruby again?
I firmly believe that the best tool for this job is the best tool for this job.
Rails is the best web application framework for rapid prototyping and building CRUD
Style application.
For projects like this, I will choose Rails again.
Still, I \'ve been exploring new technologies and recently I \'ve also enjoyed working with Merb and Google App Engine to develop small projects.
In general, Twitter talked about its decision to expand and how it did not make a real plan for the information boom.
But the big thing is that Twitter has cleared Ruby\'s name.
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