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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-05
AHMEDABAD: on Friday afternoon, a young man, Chintan Shah, was shot and wounded by an unidentified attacker near his residence in Usmanpura.
The attacker took advantage of a country.
Weapons were manufactured to open fire close to the victims.
The bullet entered the victim\'s body, so he had to be hospitalized.
Shah and his relatives were unable to give a possible reason for the attack.
Police at Chintan Shah Naranpura said that they lived in Shantinagar, a windavan unit (
Behind the Holiday Inn)
I went home for lunch.
Shah owns a plastic mold factory in Kathwada, leaves for work at 1: 25 p. m. after lunch, and when a young man arrives, he is heading to the car across the road, aiming his gun at Shah\'s belly, fired a shot.
The attacker then ran to the end of the lane and then escaped by bike with his associates.
Shah did not realize what had happened.
Later, he saw blood coming out of his stomach and realized that he had been shot.
He was rushed to a nearby hospital for surgery.
Police say they were seen at the scene an hour before the incident.
Shah lives with his father, a chartered accountant at Nirma industries and a member of the family.
He said he could not think of any battle with anyone who could trigger an attack.
The police also ruled out the motive for the robbery because the young man did not try to take the laptop bag that Shah had with him.
Senior police officials and forensic experts went to the scene to find clues that could lead to unidentified motorcyclists.
At the same time, the police are trying to prepare a sketch of the two suspects based on the description provided by the witnesses.
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