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Decorative crown styling has changed for centuries.The Crown has a long history and can be traced back to the second millennium.C.Often found in the PalaceIt evolved from the beauty of Greek form to the simple curve of the Roman era;From Gothic flowers and vines to simple forms of the Renaissance Romans.Today, Crown styling can be found in almost any type of material.So what is appropriate?Which one should you use?With so much, it may be a bit daunting.So let\'s simply take a look at the different types of materials that Crown styling usually uses.
Traditionally, crown molding is made of milled hardwood and plaster.The wood crown shape can be found and made from several kinds of hard wood such as pecans, ash, Poplar, alder, cherry, maple, mahogany and oak.The wooden crown styling enriches any interior features as it frames your ceiling and complements your decor.There are a lot of styles to choose from and you can find a lot of traditional styles such as akasang, grape and oak leaf patterns and shells.Wooden crown molding is sure to add classic details to any room.
Hard wood molds can be quite expensive from below.Limited forest resources.Cork styling takes more time and effort to install and finish, although it\'s cheaper than hardwood floors.Wood molds shrink and expand as humidity increases, they are damaged by water, it is combustible, it is damaged by rot and insects, it is cracked, it requires Mitter and coping skills it may split and split when nailing or cutting, wood molding must be polished and primer before processing.For many, these shortcomings may outweigh the advantages of wood Woods.
Interest in decorative plaster is growing.Decorative plaster models can be found in various styles.Decorative plaster crown molding does not shrink, burn, twist or produce toxic smoke.Ornamental plaster can be formulated in various compositions to produce finished products including various properties.Multi-functional, safe, stable and economical.Although decorative plaster is an excellent product, the installation cost is high.Although it is no longer necessary to manufacture in place, skilled craftsmen are in short supply and have almost become a lost art.
A wooden crown shape of medium fiber boardComposite materials using wood fiber and synthetic resin are another example of how construction workers or decorators emphasize any room or corridor.The medium fiber board is safe in the environment and requires less preparation.It is usually applied on a smooth surface and can then be applied with any high quality latex or paint.When cutting, the mid-fiber board does not crack, is resistant to warping, and has the same size and shape.However, during the installation of the medium fiber board, the DingTalk creates flaws and needs to be manually repaired before completion.While it costs less than other materials in use, it is not recommended by most professionals.
Polyurethane is available in many items.For resin, adhesive, fiber, foam liner and insulation.They come in several forms, such as rods, sheets, and liquids.Polyurethane is often used as a replacement for materials such as wood, plastics, metals and rubber.There are good reasons.Polyurethane is resistant to wear, weather, impact, scraping and erosion.They also cost more.It is also effective as an alternative.
Other uses of polyurethane include: fibers, seals, washers, condoms, hard plastic parts, carpet liners and sealant.Items such as dome ceiling, styling and ceiling medal are easier to build polyurethane foam than wood.In fact, polyurethane is considered the best alternative to gypsum.It\'s low cost, light weight, you can do anything with wood, you can do anything with polyurethane.It is easy to install, can be used internally or externally, and can be used in the widest range of products.
Polyurethane is present in the upholstery fabric in its most flexible form, while the metal and plastic walls of most refrigerators and freezers use harder foam.They are usually used to make paint, varnish, and glue.Your computer mouseMost likely the base of the liner made of polyurethane foam.
Flexible molding is one of polyurethane that makes it easy to bend walls, arched doorways, and decorations around windows.Flexible molding is made of a composite polymer resin designed to be in a more challenging shape of bending or bending.It can be bent or twisted without breaking or splitting.From very flexible to fully rigid, flexible molding can actually be purchased in a range of grades.
One of the best features of flexible molding is that it is superior to wood.Like normal molding, flexible molding can be dyed, painted or sealed, but it is not necessary to fill the surface first.It can also resist warping, wear, tear or mildew, so it is also ideal for outdoor use.
The installation of Crown styling can\'t be easier than peeling and sticking.Peel and stick to the kit in your own plastic molding pieceBack glue and Four Corners.Can be peeled and glued for very low peopleTechnology, low-cost decoration.Power tools, saws, nails or hammers are not required.No need to Mitter corners.One can install it immediately without any trouble.
However, due to its low skin and stickTechnology and low cost, lack of relief.That is to say, it will appear flat without depth and thickness.
Foam plastic, also known as expanded polystyrene.Architects have been using them in buildings, residences and museums for many years.Styrofoam Crown styling is light weight, durable, versatile and cheap for most types of paint.Other advantages and reasons it gets popular are that it doesn\'t need special tools to install, and in fact the average homeowner can install it in less than a day.Foam plastic does not rot, crack, rot or be harmed by insects.However, it may melt or burn when exposed to flames and must be wrapped up as it releases toxic smoke when it burns.
Another material that is popular is vinyl.The vinyl Crown styling gives the look of the old plaster.While traditional plaster and wood Crown styling requires a wealth of experience, the advantage of using vinyl is simplicity.Low maintenance, no blistering or peeling, expansion or contraction when used in extreme wet conditions, no rust, decay, blistering or corrosion, and no attack by insects.
Aluminum, stamping metal, CrownAll aluminum structures can also be used as decorative accents.The inside and outside corners are premade, eliminating the oblique cut and making it easier to install.Like traditional styling, it is easy to cut and install.Strong and durable.Aluminum is a huge shock to the dollar.Stamping metal is used in industrial, factory, office, retail space, workshop, garage, kitchen and trade show.
Foam plastic, aluminum and vinyl styling mainly for external decoration purposes.
Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and each homeowner must weigh these options according to his own requirements and wishes.I hope this article will help make the work a little easier.Happy Decoration!
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