Timeline: Weapons technology

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In history, society has done its best to create new weapons.
Explore the history of war and weapons with our weapons technology timeline.
Note that many technologies are difficult to belong to, and the historical dates are usually similar.
The earliest evidence of human use of Spears, part of Germany, is now near schninggen (Nature, DOI: 10. 1038/385807a0).
However, a group of modern chimpanzees in Senegal use spears to hunt down babies in the jungle, suggesting that this technique may have been used by our most primitive ancestors.
Atlatl, sometimes known as the Stone Age Kalashnikov, throws a flexible dart that can kill a deer at 40 metres.
It developed in North Africa, it spread all over the world and was later replaced by bows and arrows.
Wiggle ang has close ties with Australian Aboriginal people, but is actually used as a hunting weapon throughout Europe and Africa.
Most swing ang will not come back when throwing.
For 23,000 years, the oldest Wiggle ang was made of a giant ivory, found in a cave in Poland. Nature, DOI: 10. 1038/329436a0).
The earliest arrows started at this time, indicating the use of bows and arrows.
Some people think that they invented it much earlier, referring to a 60,000-year-
It may or may not be the old stone of the arrow.
A thorough analysis of the shooting sites excavated by archaeology around the world shows that the shooting weapons have not been widely used 50,000 years ago (
Journal of Archaeological Science, tujing: 10. 1016/j. jas. 2005. 10. 015).
The horse was first domesticated on the Kazakh grassland.
While the whole traffic revolution, Ma also played an important role in the history of the war.
Only in the 20 th century, with the rapid emergence
Weapons like machine guns, whether the army will give up its dependence on horses.
The Bronze Age enabled the development of the first metal daggers and later swords.
In 1000 BC, Celtic myths and rituals were intertwined in Britain, reflecting their importance in society.
The myth of the Sword of God may also reflect this, the sword is placed in the river, may be a sacrifice to God (
See the sword that must die).
This tug-of-stone machine is considered to have developed in China at about this time.
Powered by a team of more than a dozen people, it can hang rock balls to 125.
At about the same time, the ancient Greeks developed their own siege weapon, ballista, a scaled-up crossbow.
The towing stone throwing machine was considered a folk legend until an effective working model was established in 1991.
In the Middle Ages, it ended up being replaced by a weight-weight voting machine, driven by a drop in weight rather than a drop in manpower.
Gunpowder was invented in China.
This quickly led to an original gun, the first rocket known as the \"fire gun\", and the original bomb under the Song Dynasty (960 to 1279)
-The new technology is partly driven by aggressive neighbors like the Jin dynasty in the north.
The Golden Age of Islam (600 to 1600 AD)
Saved the progress of classical civilization after the decline of the Roman Empire.
Gun technology has grown rapidly, with Egyptian soldiers taking the lead in the use of handmade cannons and other small arms in the Battle of Ain Jalut in 1260.
However, Islamic science has declined since the 17 th century.
The Battle of Agincourt marks the peak of medieval longbow technology.
A British Army with a high percentage of archers wiped out a French army five to ten times larger than the French army.
See the deadly secret of Dragon Bow China\'s Ming Dynasty to push forward gun technology.
Development includes match lock, which eliminates the need to shoot with your handheld match; the musket;
And Navy mines.
\"The Dragon Sutra\" finally included the new technology of the dynasty: Jiao yu and Liu Ji\'s \"war theory\".
The rocket became a permanent fixture on the battlefield, and Fattah al-Ali TIPP, India, successfully deployed rockets to Britain, the leading inventor, Sir William congough, developed his own version, the congough rocket.
The first submarine turtle used in combat was made by David Bushnell of the United States.
Despite the use of several submarines in the American Civil War, the technology has remained rough and unsafe for decades (1861 to 1865).
The British Army began using shrapnel (
Invented by the Chinese)
Named after their inventor, Henry Shrapnel.
They contain a large number of bullets released at high speed during the explosion.
They were eventually taller.
Explosive shells during World War I
S. inventor Samuel Coulter filed a patent for the \"spin gun\" and improved some of the previous designs.
It quickly changed its name to a revolver and reloaded faster than any other gun and is still popular today.
The first machine guns appeared.
Multiple Belgian troops
Barrelled mitrailleuse is following the Gatling gun-the first one that can be fired continuously.
The first American warship Monitor with iron blood.
A dressed warship launched from New York.
It was designed by Swedish engineer John Ericsson, who beat steam locomotive Stephenson\'s rockets almost in the race that made it famous.
Ericsson then spent many years trying solar energy.
School teacher John Holland built a military submarine, Fenian Ram, for Irish rebels in the United States.
Unlike previous submarines, the shape is streamlined.
However, the rebels are unreliable employers, and the Netherlands are disgusted.
Never use a submarine in anger.
The first fully automatic machine gun produced by Stevens Saigon Maxim: the gun of Maxim.
In his later life, he was disabled by a branch inflammation, and he developed an early respirator.
After the assassination of the mayor of Chicago, the local priest, Casimir Zeglen, made the first bulletproof vest made of heavy metal plates.
It was mainly made of woven silk and works, but still did not take off.
The son of Hilan Stevens Maxim, Hilan Percy Maxime, has obtained a patent for a gun silencer.
During the First World War, the British Army introduced the first tanks.
The Manhattan Project that the United States is trying to build its first nuclear bomb began with J.
Robert Oppenheimer
In July 16, the first successful nuclear bomb test was conducted in New Mexico.
On August 9 and 6, the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, dropped bombs, effectively ending World War II and opening a new era of nuclear weapons.
The United States tested the first Poly or hydrogen bomb in the Marshall Islands. They use X-
Light from a nuclear fission explosion triggers a nuclear fusion reaction between hydrogen isotope tritium atoms, just like a reaction occurring inside the sun.
The power of a warhead is several thousand times that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.
The first pulse (
Excitation, emission, microwave amplification of radiation)
University of Columbia.
It creates a tight microwave.
Originally known as a \"thunder gun\", it proved impractical as a weapon. The laser (
Excitation Emission Light amplification of radiation)
This is the first demo.
It gives a red light.
Lasers have many uses in society, for targeting missiles and other weapons in war, and as an alternative to radar.
Prototypes of various laser weapons are being developed.
In the 1960 s, the Soviet Union began to develop ultra-empty torpedo.
By using water to form bubbles around the fast
Shkval can move objects at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour.
It was completed in early 1990 alone.
The United States developed its own spacecraft in 1997, and began carrying humans on an ultra-solar spacecraft 10 years later.
The first Taser was made after five years of work by NASA researcher Jack Gai. Promoted to non
It\'s a deadly weapon, and police around the world are now using it.
However, it has been claimed that it is often abused and can cause lasting harm.
The United States conducted its first test. Satellite laser
Experiments with radioactive nium have been used to demonstrate that it is possible to make a simple device that releases a large amount of gamma rays, comparable to a nuclear bomb.
Although the US military has invested millions of dollars, there is no solid evidence to support the theory.
S. President George w. Bush proposed a national missile defense system.
The plan was severely criticized and the technology failed repeatedly during testing.
Active rejection system, directed rejection system
The US government has tested energy weapons designed to drive people away innocently.
The device uses a microwave beam to create a strong sense of heat that forces people to leave.
Despite concerns about security, the police have proposed a portable version.
For the first time, a high
The energy laser is used to shoot down fire.
Pulse Energy bomb (PEP)
Developed a laser that can knock you out of your feet.
Australian weapons company Metal Storm filed a key patent for its gun that fired millions of bullets per minute.
Another milestone of high-
An energy laser, this is the first time a laser is carried from a transmitter on an aircraft.
In addition, star photons began testing their experimental plasma acoustic shielding system, which produced a dazzling array of intermediate
Plasma in air explosion and high explosion ballpowered lasers.
A report by the US government promotes the use of neurology to improve the capabilities of soldiers.
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