the world’s first 3d-printed acoustic guitar

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-18
Scott Samit did something unusual during the holidays.
For example, he just spent a week on the mountain, enjoying the magnificent scenery and so on, and also sat next to his laptop and made a 3D model for his ideal guitar.
He then sends the computer design to a 3D system that uses its large 3D printer to convert the graphic model into an actual acoustic instrument that Summit can play.
As far as anyone knows, this is the first 3D-
Print the acoustic guitar on this planet, which raises the possibility of a variety of music. (
As several readers have pointed out, people have made electric guitars printed in 3D. )
When I was a child, Summit liked the guitar.
\"I want a $3,000, like Jerry Garcia,\" he said . \".
Summit had no money at the time, so he spent about $100 on wood and other parts and made his own guitar.
\"It sounds like crap,\" he said . \".
Today, Summit spends most of its time designing custom body parts and stylish prosthetic limbs made by 3D printers.
In fact, he is one of the world\'s leading experts in 3D printing and design, and he has decided to use these skills during the holidays to perfect his childhood vision.
Since this guitar is made of molten plastic, Summit thinks it has some serious drawbacks.
If it does, it could be worse than his old model of $100.
However, it is likely that the guitar will break at 200 pounds of the string pressure, which is tightened by the tuning machine.
Summit set up a camera to record what happens at the beginning of the string process.
\"I think it would be cool at least if the guitar exploded,\" he said . \". But, no.
It works, sounds good.
\"It\'s rich and full and has a wide range of shades,\" Summit said . \" He used to play at a friend\'s wedding and dive bar.
Summit describes this version as a draft.
He wants to start experimenting with more aggressive designs to see how they change the sound.
Somewhere in the future, he thinks people will be able to use the software to pick the treble, bass or bass they want, and then print the guitar to match those qualities.
\"It will arrive in the mail and it sounds like you want it,\" he said . \".
Earlier this year, 3D Systems acquired Summit\'s body print startup.
He showed the guitar to the 3D Systems team and they are thinking about how to move the idea forward. The one-
The Off model uses plastic worth about $3,000 and prints a bedside table 3D using sterling silver;
The plates on the neck are printed in stainless steel 3D.
\"It\'s kind of like a 3D-printed salad bar,\" Summit said . \".
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