The Value of Multi-Generational Workplaces

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-11
If you are reading this at work, I would like you to stop and look around you and find out the four co-workers
The employee you work with most often. Got \'em?
Let me ask you now. -
How do these four cooperate?
Workers compare with yourself in terms of age and on-the-job experience?
If you are like most of us, you will notice that today\'s workplace is getting older as the population ages rapidly --
More diverse than ever before.
Your colleagues may no longer be close to your own age group and level of experience.
Will this hinder your cooperation? Probably not.
But there is still widespread speculation that generations in the workforce are the cause of apartheid or conflict. Why?
Some of them are related to expectations and career development in corporate culture. -
Employees want to be promoted to management, management to Vice President, Vice President to executive, and so on ---
A generation of workers may hinder the progress of the next generation of workers.
In addition, there are also stereotypes about the length of the year and young workers, and common assumptions that these groups tend to conflict in the workplace;
They just don\'t work well together.
However, the pilot project of the Sloan Center for Aging and Work, \"executive Innovation Lab\", is the opposite ---
This is good for business when young workers and older workers work together.
Unfortunately, most employers have not yet adjusted their practices to take advantage of the many forces
Innovative business solutions.
To start the process, we created the lab.
We invited a group of companies interested in exploring diversity to gather together
Generations of employees work together.
We engage with executives from different industries and ask them to pick the staff team to participate and be careful to choose people of different age groups and levels of experience.
The teams then made rapid prototyping, and their task was to find solutions to pressing workplace issues within a rigorous structured time.
Our findings may surprise you. When these age-
Different teams stand out from the normal working environment and are responsible for solving a challenging problem quickly, and they come up with very viable solutions in just a few hours.
These teams gathered in teams different from the past and quickly found innovative and creative solutions that were difficult to find in the workplace.
What we \'ve seen throughout the lab is that long-time workers, young workers and executives were able to leave myths and misconceptions behind.
If there is a supportive, creative opportunity to collaborate, their collective innovation is the real result.
The staff involved in the lab also noticed this.
At the end of the lab, participants actually changed their views on their colleagues aged 10 or over.
They report that they see their older rivals being more creative, willing to learn and more innovative than they expected.
The staff were enthusiastic about their new team and they noticed the injection of energy.
Team members will grab their leader in the lobby and ask, \"when will we meet again?
\"In addition, executives expressed a positive assessment of age --diverse teams;
Specifically, they are able to start work faster, are more likely to go beyond the difficult parts of their work and get high-quality results in less time.
Many organizations involved in the lab plan to implement this process for other projects.
Other businesses should follow their example.
Every employee has a different life experience.
An old worker who has worked in the same job for 30 years, in the middle-
Career change and 22 years oldyear-
The old companies that have just started seem to have irreconcilable views, but in fact these very different views are exactly what the workplace needs to thrive.
Instead of sticking to age-
The old myth that old employees are bad for business, today\'s business leaders must learn to use their age --
A diverse workforce.
Today\'s workforce is aging faster than ever before, and employers who are now taking action to harness the creativity of age experience and diversity will have instant competitive advantage over their peers.
As the US economy begins to emerge from recession, we need more innovative and creative workplaces than ever before.
Companies can do this, but only create the conditions to take advantage of the labor force of different ages.
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