the ultimate robot master post: part i

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-23
The button remix contributor ManThe Mega Man series, written by Matt Jones, is one of the most popular and occasionally frustrating series ever.
The format is simple: the giant must go through eight levels, each with its own boss, called the Robot Master.
It is their weapon that defeated the master and can be used on other bosses.
Then the game uses a stonepaper-
A variety of scissors systems, each of which is a weakness of one of the other seven weapons.
Once all eight weapons and any additional items have been collected, they can be handed over to the Dr.
The Castle of Ily ,(
Occasionally, before the doctor, it goes to the Red Herring Castle. Wily’s Castle).
However, the frustration of the series comes from some of the inherent difficulties of the game, which is unfortunately repeated.
Of all nine mega-man games and all eight mega-man X Games, the format is pretty much the same, not to mention the Game Boy\'s release.
It is commendable that Capcom is usually very good at introducing new variants in enemy and level design, but since each robot master has to have a theme as the series progresses, these characters are sometimes derived or completely absurd.
Let\'s review that for the purposes of this article, we (
Open the door for the sequel article)
We will only deal with the original Mega Man series, not the X series. (
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Many of these images are found where.
Hope they don\'t get upset about us. )
When trying to determine his future role in Batman, Bruce Wayne thinks it needs \"some elements, something drastic \".
\"Ding, ding, ding!
Nails on the head.
There is a similar thinking process behind the theme of selecting Robot Masters (
Or at least there should be).
Most of them are elemental and suggest what the master\'s attack will be based on.
Unfortunately, there are only so many themes that can be around, there are so many games and some will definitely be re-playedused.
Let\'s see how these topics have evolved in this series.
However, what we do here is very subjective.
At this point, you and my friend Ben said a word to the Ice Man: all six Robot Masters in the original giant save Ice Man look like robots.
They have large metal parts in red, black, orange and white inorganic tones.
Their eyes are huge and glass.
But he\'s obviously just a man in a coat.
Perhaps the Iceman is an electronic Man, an explorer of the Inuit, whose meat parts are subtly manipulated to better resist the Arctic elements.
Or he\'s a robot that looks like an Inuit and can be better integrated into the lives of the locals, which means he will never be a person of any kind, let alone an ice man. Poor Ice Man.
I know some people hate ice guys for this reason: Eskimo
Looks like a guy in a robot field.
However, the character has at least some feelings and thoughts.
This makes sense to me.
If we can accept all the other crazy technological advances shown in the Mega Man series, I think we can accept a lifelike E-Man who sneaks into someone\'s ice house like an ice Man
He must have been much better than this: When Mega Man 6 showed up, a submarine
Dig the zero theme again.
The original purpose of the uninspired Blizzard Man was to act as a mechanical ski instructor who looked like a huge snowball and struck with deadly snowflakes.
Not the most scary enemy.
In fact, I will go further and say that Blizzard people are completely ridiculous.
Threatened by crystals, liquids
Nitrogen ice knife scary
Threatened by a huge snowball on the snowboard.
The background and appearance of the frozen Man of Mega Man 7 can at least be tolerated and things get better.
The freezer is designed to prevent the machine from overheating. I like it.
It makes sense to imagine that these capabilities are not greatly expanded.
The main character of Mega Man 8 is the Frost Man with the worst background ever. Dr.
The cunning building clown (
He later more)
He had some parts left, so he made another ice robot. LAME.
At least the cold Man of Mega Man & bases is back to a somewhat reasonable origin.
In Jurassic Park.
As with the project involving dinosaur DNA, cold man was designed to keep DNA working in the right freezer.
He also has a cool attack because he will create a huge ice wall and throw the damn thing to you.
There are not so many details involved here, and there are other evolution of some topics here.
Some are classic characters and some are best forgotten.
Fire theme: fire man\'s flame man\'s burner man\'s magma ManWind theme: Man\'s Wind Man\'s tornado ManExplosive theme: Man\'s speed adult (
Their bombs are embedded in the target)
There are some crosses, I think.
The Yunren image of Mega Man 7 clearly links him to the wind theme team, but he may also use lightning attacks to link him to the electric theme Electronics Company (tric)
Man, spark man, plug man.
If any, we can conclude from this that the repetition of the topic is inherent in the series, but that does not necessarily mean that each issue will get worse.
Cold people are the way cooler (pardon the pun)
Than the Frost man, the same is true of the magma man compared to his former flame man and burner man.
Besides, it\'s just awkward to say. Burner Man.
Headache tongue.
Tomorrow, let\'s take a look at what the doctor hates most.
Devious release to unsuspecting players.
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