the new food frontier

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Head to the food front and you\'ll find a 3D printer that squirts chocolate.
While there won\'t be any progress in traditional cooking, you can rely on 3D-
Printed food eventually found a place in our world.
Researchers around the world are working on ways to make food using 3D printers.
Their efforts will one day contribute to nutrition and sustainable development.
Most of the work so far is printed sugar and chocolate.
Consumers can\'t just go out tonight and buy an affordable 3D printer for dinner, let alone dessert.
But the momentum of growth and early creation suggest something that will change the way we eat.
\"I don\'t think it\'s new.
I think this will be part of the cooking fabric for the next few years, \"said Liz von Hasain, creative director at the Sugar Lab at 3D Systems.
\"I think the way this happens is very powerful because it affects the cultural rituals of eating, which is actually a very powerful part of being a person in the world.
\"The accuracy of the 3D printer can be used to make food, here are five interesting ways: 1. WEDDING-
For those who want their special day to be particularly unique, 3D printing is helping them.
Why do you have the same old plastic statue on your cake when you can have a 3D
Is this a duplicate of the couple?
There are other ways to be creative and personalized.
The Sugar Lab has a hat that matches the bridal veil. 2.
Food is easy to swallow, but for older people with chewing or swallowing problems, they look good and they are often forced to eat purple food.
\"The paste they put on the plate doesn\'t look very appetizing, and as a result these people who already have eating problems don\'t eat enough because it doesn\'t look very attractive, kjeld van Bommel, a research scientist at the Dutch applied science research organization, said.
\"In some cases, they suffer from malnutrition, resulting in a variety of medical conditions.
Van bomel and other researchers have started to mash up carrots, peas and broccoli, and then 3D-print them.
They are then softer, but they remain in shape due to the gel. The 3D-
At present, printed vegetables are being served in nursing homes in Germany. 3.
At the moment, the focus is on shape, color and taste, but accurate 3D printing can provide an accurate dose of vitamins or drugs.
\"We can see that at any given time, you may be wearing techniques that can perceive the needs of your body,\" whether you are an athlete or have a disease or are old, \"says von Hassel.
\"In theory, this may have something to do with the printer in your home, and when you get home, a dedicated meal may be waiting for you to provide what you need for your body.
\"You can say, \'When I wake up in the morning, I want the printer to print my breakfast, and I want it to contain the right amount of trans fat, whatever we need, \"says Holder Lipson, director of the Cornell University\'s Creative Machine Lab.
\"This is where software is combined with cooking, and the possibilities are limitless. \"4.
SUSTAINABLE svan Bommel is studying whether alternative protein sources from algae and insects can be converted into interesting foods that people like.
\"If the level of meat consumption in the West applies to the world, we will face huge problems,\" he said . \"
\"We can\'t have so many cows.
Where will you put these cows and what grass will they eat? \"5.
Cocktail decoration in 3D version is possible
Insert the bartender into the sugar grid in the glass and print it out.
The rest of the cocktail is chosen depending on the influence of sugar, which melts into the drink.
\"This adds to the performance that the bartender is interested in.
The occasion of a custom cocktail is served, \"says von Hassel.
She describes her favorite 3D work as one that combines the traditional world of food with the ability to print in 3D.
Her company will start selling 3D food printers later this year.
It is priced at about $20,000 and is expected to attract culinary professionals, not ordinary consumers.
This summer, 3D Systems will open a custom bakery in Los Angeles as a showroom and event space for visitors to learn about 3D-printed food.
She wants us to 3D one day.
Print other foods such as starch, protein and spices. —
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