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Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 7/2/2015 (1577 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
The reputation of the Internet is exponential, just like radioactive waste is only half short. life.
Three and a half days after dancing in the Super Bowl midfield, the 15 minutes of the Left Shark are over.
When I finished writing this sentence, a dozen people who talked about the Left Shark cheerfully on Twitter this morning will no longer care about it.
By the time I finished the article, he may have joined the long crowded city cemetery
Internet fans are forgotten(
This is enough to make you wonder if I should bother writing. )And yet —and yet! —
Those short-lived Internet glory moments will always be commemorated by the cookie cutter in the physical space. And figurines. And T-shirts.
And baby onesies.
People are very strange, especially (with)
A phenomenon like the Left Shark, \"co-
Owner of Francesca4Me, a \"geek 3D print and crochet\" store on Etsy. (
He\'s the one with the cookies. )
\"I can sell hundreds to hundreds. . .
I really don\'t know.
\"After all, this is just Bann\'s first foray into meme goods --
An industry that is both fragile and short-lived because it is interesting.
Search for any user-powered e-
You will find countless artistic hymns here.
There are hundreds of crops.
Top, wall decals and crosses
A sewing sampler for dogs alone.
But when it comes to hot topics like the Left Shark, the sales window only opens and closes in a few days.
This has allowed Left Shark merchandise to flourish on sites such as Zazzle, CafePress and artists
The favorite Etsy is especially charming.
Jessica Bellamy has sold five.
The artistic portrait of the shark, including the portrait commissioned for the shark himself.
Lindsay Fisher, who started her baby costume series last week, is touting a shark suit that says \"MVP.
Jolene Ung sells cute hands.
Although she did not watch the game, she painted a Valentine\'s Day gift for the shark.
For $27 each, Fernando Sousa has made a huge profit from his \"drunken shark\" statue
He has moved more than a dozen since Tuesday\'s release.
This is, of course, a foolish and pleasant act. (
\"I couldn\'t stop laughing when I designed the cookie cutter,\" Bann said . \". )
Still, something more substantial has happened here: this is a good example of the power of the Internet --
Not only will stupid memes be raised to a more stupid level, but they can also give personal power with good ideas.
All the artists I interviewed used 3D printing and on-
Once they actually sell the product, they ask for the production technology to make their product, which means there is no overhead or production cost ahead.
Very few of them have employees.
Many of them believe that sharks themselves are a meme that can save them the pain or cost of marketing.
\"By publishing trends-
Based on images as soon as possible. . .
\"My Facebook ads can be more targeted,\" Fisher said . \". (
Her demographics: women between the ages of 20 and 45 who love Etsy and love Super Bowl or baby Katie Perry. )
When you think about it, a 25-year-
In such a short time frame, the old ones can be designed, created, sold and shipped, which is simply amazing.
In some ways, that\'s more-
\"Etsy Economy\", the InternetPower counter
Economists, artisans and civic leaders-
Not to mention the leadership of Etsy.
It has been touted for years. Artisanship. Agility. Tech-powered, self-
Start a Business actively.
\"Etsy is a great place for small businesses to lead big companies because our initial investment can be small,\" explains Fisher . \".
\"The image you see is actually the drawing I hand drawn in 10 minutes, scanning and photographing onto a photo of onesie.
Fisher, who worked as an analyst at Target until the company closed stores in Canada last month, estimates it will take a whileand-
The mortar shop made the same design for three weeks.
At this point, of course, the Left Shark is not just dead: he has actually become a fossil.
Granted, if meme-
They are fast enough themselves.
Neither Fisher nor Avina nor Bannon have sold any Left Shark items.
But there are other memes, they say, and other windows of opportunity.
They will be ready for the next strike. —
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