the homeliest number

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-17
Let us begin with a true, undeniable fact that is evident from 3 feet kilometres away or from the cold distance of outer space: the new 1-
The BMW Series is ugly. Seriously ugly. Ugly with X-
Lock the wings of the attack formation.
Give me your E. H.
Is it gunbridge or Helen Gardner?
When a car passes by me at 100 miles an hour, I know an ugly car.
Ugly cars are unusual for very good reasons.
The car company is a huge organization that has invested billions of dollars and has tens of thousands of employees, some of whom can actually see their own relationships.
In addition, in a computer era
Assisted Design, virtual modeling, and rapid prototyping, ugliness can usually be eradicated and burned before purchasing the first tool. Usually. The 1-
Compact Coupe Series (
Trimming of 12i 135i)
It\'s actually the latest product from Werks\'s rather strong ugly car line.
Coupe models follow threeand five-
The door version that has been a great success in Europe and the rest of the world since 2004.
This shape is the relic of what BMW called the \"flame surface\" design vocabulary at the time ---
Although it is less hot than the tired folds of wet canvas. Or old skin. That\'s it. The 1-
The series looks like a tight lift is needed to fix its drooping cheeks.
Or a truss.
With the downward curved accent line extending along its side, the car looks like it has suffered a highspeed hernia.
At the same time, I searched the stars in vain, which is why the designer gave the car a grade --back design --
So there\'s a recognizable suitcase in the back. -
When it is obviously painful.
Yes, there are people who want to know how BMW design can get people like me to get away with it.
So, look back: ugly.
But I\'m not that shallow, I\'m going to take 1-
With some series of subjective rants about styling. Oh, no.
I have other reasons for this car to torpedo.
I have been advocating for small, premium cars like Audi A3, Volvo C30 and Mini Cooper S.
And, over the years, as 3-
The series has developed into gold with complete manipulation
Yes, I \'ve been craving a smaller, lighter, simpler BMW, something that fits the old 2002 series, even the 318ti sold in the USS.
From 1995 to 1999.
Who wants the poor BMW?
This is the case with a poor man.
So, what is in my mind?
I want a BMW shorter than 3-1 feet.
Half a ton, $10,000 cheaper.
I want a 4-cylinder, high-
Pressure turbine engine, 6-
Speed gearbox, I want to dip the whole thing, Achilles-
Style, on the track-
Minimalism. And the new 1-Not a series.
The official said that 135i is 3-Coupe Series: 8.
Short 9 inch and 1.
Narrow 4 inch
But the loss of this size does not really give you anything other than the cramp on your neck. Our topped-
The 135i test model weighs 3,420 pounds lbs, 137 pounds lbs less than the 335i coupe of the same equipment. The reason?
It\'s basically the same car crammed into a sheet that\'s under size. metal Speedo. The engine --
Indescribable fluency and power. 0-liter twin-turbo --is the same.
Front pillar suspension and rear multiple
The link pause is the same.
The same is true for Upfit and device levels.
Almost all of the interior parts, at all of its premium, the czar-of-
The Glory of Russia has been from 3-
Series parts warehouse.
The result is a small car with the same weight.
This is not a good thing in general.
What\'s worse, 1-
The series is really not a value proposition.
Our test car is priced at $42,325, $4,525 lower than the same option, better gear and an infinitely more attractive 335i coupe.
I think there are other expenses. of-
With insurance, etc. , but I think you\'re going to have to be a little crazy about choosing month-
Series on otters
Stylish and beautiful 3-series.
Maybe only when you can\'t reach the pedal in a bigger car.
A small shop: 1-
The series will appear in the form of coupe and convertible;
Automatic or manual transmission;
Turbocharged as our test car, or a naturally aspirated version of 3. 0-liter in-
Six-cylinder production line of 230 horsepower and 200 lbs-feet of torque.
The basic price of the 12i Coupe is $28,600 and will be higher if you want windows and tires.
33,875 of ragtop starts at $135 and $39,875.
Fast 135i?
Is Elliot Spitzer sleeping on the couch?
It\'s a complete and completely crazy acceleration.
Squeezing the throttle in Gears 1, 2, and 3 feels like a giant rubber band launching out of the world\'s thumb.
Huge, rolling get-
Narrow the field of view to a vague vortex.
The doctor of the car and the driver recorded 0-60 time of 4.
Seven seconds a quarter-
Estimated time of 13 miles. 3 seconds.
This means that 135i is faster than the previous one.
M3 generation, clinically Psychiatric
At the same time, the sound of the 135i engine is so fierce, bittersweet, so flesh and evil, someone should say a heavy name
Metal band after: velvet chain saw.
This is all about the engine: the two turbine engines are vertical in turn, so small and low
The inertia turbine is always spinning, and the larger turbine is ready for the windmill as the rpm rises, which means that the engine\'s response is immediate and huge.
Like all BMW gasoline engines now, it\'s direct.
Improve efficiency and emissions.
It has a wide range
Permission variable-
Valve timing, that is, the motor does not have a \"peak torque\" due to mechanical and volume constraints \";
Instead, it has a powerful torque countertop, a twisted Savannah.
Maximum torque 300-
The feet advance at 1,400 rpm and do not reach the maximum until 5,000 rpm.
By accelerating the equivalent, oh, Ferrari.
Great brakes, great steering (
At present, most of BMW\'s models have electric power steering systems ).
Great grip and dynamic balance.
I like the mechanical structure of this car.
Well, I love them before they get stuffed into this ugly 8 Birkenstock. --dan. neil@latimes. com--(
Start text of the infobox)
2008 BMW 135 iBase Price: $34,900 price, tested: $42,325 power system: doubleturbo direct-injection 3. 0-liter SOHC in-
Line 6 of variablesvalve timing; six-
Speed manual transmission;
Rear wheel drive horsepower: 300 rpmTorque: 5,800-300
Feet of 1,400 to 5,000 Curb weight: 3,420-60 mph: 4.
Wheelbase: 104.
Total length: 171.
7 fuel economy of inchesEPA (premium only)
: 17 mpg city, the final idea of Highway 25: the faster it goes, the better it looks.
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