the body language of the female form

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-17
For more than 40 years, Robert Graham, inspired by live models, has created inflammatory figurative works.
So in describing his latest exhibition at the University of Southern California\'s Fisher Gallery-
More than 100 paintings and sculptures in female form are made of small clay created by hand in a few seconds and then re-cast in bronze and silver ---
He said in contradiction, \"it\'s actually the same job I \'ve been doing, it\'s just different.
\"The difference is 69-year-
The ability of old artists to use cutting
The edge scanning software creates a large number of copies of his work along with the fast prototype.
Replica made of nylon and Amber
Like a photosensitive polymer, it is very precise, and even if it is magnified ten times, the audience can still see his fingerprints from the original clay.
Abstract gesture image presents three
But according to Graham, the size sketch-
He lives in Venice with his wife, Angelo Houston. -
Nothing is clearer than the fact: \"The sketch means that you will come back to improve, but it doesn\'t make sense for me to improve because you just leave from a specific moment.
\"Although this is the first time his work has appeared in the gallery, he is no stranger to the area.
His female image is decorated third.
Floor skylight at the University of Southern California Watt Hall, just across from his best fair Avenue
In front of the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium, there is a famous public monument \"Olympic Portal \". --
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\"Robert Graham: The main body of the work\", among them: Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California, 823 avenue of exposition. , L. A.
Time: from noon to 5m.
Tuesday to Saturday; ends Feb.
Price: FreeINFO :(213)740-4561, www. fishergallery.
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