the 6 cutest animals that can still destroy you

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-06
If the animals could speak, they would spend most of their time calling us dikes and asking us to leave their land.
We think that the \"cute\" feature is usually a simple trick developed by animals to allow tourists to throw food.
There are six animals here, no matter how cute they look on the calendar on the wall, you can want to avoid them. Hippopotamus (
Little hippo)
To let you know how cute the hippo is, we want you to take a look at this: Now look at this: The hippo is actually the definition of Disney --cute.
What kind of person can look at this big guy and play in her favorite pool instead of trying to cram her into the picture and let her dance to classical music?
For their sake.
It is impossible for you to look at a big, fat, happy, crowded and lovely hippo and not think, \"if she can speak like a human being, she sounds like Jada Pinkett Smith, very trendy.
\"You will name her fully Sassybaskets and she will be your tutu --In balletdancing, strut-
A friend who walks for life.
Only you fight the world with shazlams!
New York, look, this is Sassybaskets!
It turns out that hippos kill people in the real world.
Nature attaches great importance to the word \"territory \".
When it\'s applied to two-
A ton of tooth animals as big as a bowling ball bottle is a great word.
You either pay a lot of attention to the word or ignore it and finally get a free \"killed by hippo\" tombstone.
You know, this kind of thing is really awkward for this family?
The next time you settle down in the hungry hippo game, take the time to think about the small fact that the hippo kills more humans every year than any other animal on the continent as a whole.
Only elephants have always been bigger than hippos, and only the Warner Brothers \'Tasmanian Devils \'are more aggressive.
Maybe you \'ve seen this picture: in fact, it\'s not a cartoon that a man and a hippo reproduce on the spot what they see.
This is an experienced park administrator who was nearly killed by hippo in a hundred yards sprint.
The late Steve Owen, a former 12-
Funny foot crocodile, waving angry snake full of killingyou-before-your-next-
The heartbeat poison on the camera is considered five-
His photography team had to cross a river full of hippos, the most dangerous moment he shot on the show.
The man who was frightened by the hippoDuck-
Platypus (
Ornithorhynchus anatinus)
God, we don\'t even know where to start.
This is a very ridiculous animal, and biologists refuse to believe that it may just be a elaborate scam when it is first discovered.
From this point of view, these identical biologists believe that rotten meat will spontaneously produce maggots, and there is no problem with the platypus, which is ridiculous.
But seriously, look.
It has a thick furry body and a flat Beaver
Like a tail and an otter.
Like the feet, we were calm about it because he was too vague.
Then the problem with the big and tough duck bill suddenly became a little strange because that was. . .
This should not happen to mammals.
Then there is another problem, that is, the electricity bill is very high ---
It helps the platypus find food in the mud.
Kind of like the head of a hammerhead shark, just not terrible-
Looking at the eyes to stand out with an awesome name is a stupid-
Bill is watching ducks. On a mammal.
Okay, that\'s it. . .
Strange, but what happened?
Their children are called pugles for the sake of f ** k! Puggles!
They also lay eggs for some reason.
And they are poisonous. Wait, what?
There is a pair of spurs on the hind legs of the male platypus, which is used to defend and fight the advantage.
They released a cruel dose of poison, put a man into the emergency room and let him twist in his muscles --
Damaged pain for months
The platypus is a statement of nature, \"I made this thing with the spare parts I found on the floor of dingge workshop (
Rangers of wolves in the north)
Look at the beautiful puppy!
Who is the cute puppy? Oh yes you are! Yes you are!
Who is it?
Whooooooosagoodbooooooyyyyy? Look at him.
Look at the fur, the eyes, the naughty smile.
If the wild dog is behind a transparent plastic wall in the pet shop, we will take it home at once.
We gave him the name of the robber, put a red handkerchief around his neck, we would take him to the lake with a pickup truck, when we were driving, he howled at the radio.
If we die, he will lie on our grave and cry.
For the rest of his life.
Because he will miss us very much.
Robbers will be the best dog here.
If he had rabies, we would have cured him.
Any other way is wrong. STOP.
We can almost feel the scratches you are trying to reach out to the back of the wild dog\'s ear so he knows what a good boy he is, but for the benefit of f * k he really stops.
That cute little guy, his name is silly and his eyes are shining, in fact, there is absolutely nothing better than your happy yellow Labrador --
This is the only friendly face you saw in your childhood. No.
This is wild, like wild, meaning thorough ---
This is important. -
A dangerous, unpredictable animal. Wild dogs--
Also known as Wolf--
It\'s a curious, intelligent predator.
That means there are a few of them and they all think that \"fair play\" means \"we are more than you \".
Go through all these pages. Notice a theme?
Each of them managed to repeat the same mood in a disgusting situation: Don\'t try to touch the dinosaur.
Don\'t try to play with wild dogs.
Don\'t throw squeaky toys to the restaurant, and don\'t try to sneak food scraps into the restaurant from the table.
If a wild dog follows you home, you shouldn\'t keep it. .
It took 7,000 years to raise your pet dog.
This is not your pet dog.
This is a wild dog. Chimpanzee (Panterrogtis)
These people are actually people.
No, if that\'s the case, they\'re actually better than people.
From flying a jet to sleeping in the same bed as the former president of the United States, the chimpanzee has done everything.
If you put a chimpanzee and an action star in front of the camera, you have no choice but to prepare for a wild animal, and quirky frolicking will drag your heartstrings and scratch your funny bones, until you vomit your entire digestive system in pure laughter --a-minute glee.
At the end of the day, we have learned a valuable lesson: usually, little animus can always beat Bert Reynolds. It\'s that grin.
They are flashing a huge grin for the camera, which makes them look like evil little scamps, just like they have some great and fun secrets they can\'t wait to share.
Then they put their arms around the action star and snuggled together, and everyone went through World War I.
Then they puc up their lips and fart and everyone laughs to death.
It\'s not a smile.
You see, it was a very big tooth that was exposed. Right at you.
The chimpanzee is trying to tell you that you are invading his space.
If you don\'t understand this, the chimpanzee will be happy to elaborate further.
A big bite of teeth.
When he slaps your head and shoulders with very long, very strong arms, grab your hair and bump your head into something.
Keep screaming an evil noise Symphony and calling on all his friends to beat you until you stop growing.
Next, they will throw you with feces.
It\'s kind of like the beginning of the Brotherhood, just they won\'t give you any rewards if you survive.
For example, see how cute monkeys treat his \"friend\" zoologist, who has come to his island for years to feed him bananas.
If this clip reminds you of Ross\'s cute pet monkey and Stephen Siegel\'s \"trash dump\", it\'s because you looked at it.
Now imagine that the monkey will be stupid to you, no.
If you want him to wear an interesting hat and tie, bananas can cause you trouble.
Oh, what makes this mental image worse: in the last 50 years, chimpanzees have kidnapped, killed and eaten human babies four times.
This is a man with H, as in the Homo sapiens, just as a human baby is screwed out of the mother\'s arms, dragged into the forest, eaten by a chimpanzee.
Can you stop wearing cowboy clothes now? Please? Swan (
Swan, dozens of species)Such poise. Such grace.
The way they glide effortlessly over the water.
When they are with their partner, the unmistakable curve on their neck forms a perfect heart and they will spend the rest of their lives with them. Glorious.
This is the bird that our mother promised us, and we will grow up after another day of beating because of being so ugly.
We\'re adults now. and still f**k-ugly)
The beauty of the Swan continues, and it will only become stronger as it grows older.
In another 40 years, we will be on the park bench, holding a bag of crumbs in our hands, watching the Swan drift over, reminding us that in the end, everything is fine.
Chased through the park by an angry bird, it doesn\'t stop trying to tear off your bones, it\'s only fun before it happens to you.
Yes, the Swan is hell aggressive.
According to this video, the only defense against the swan attack is to grab the bird\'s neck and lift it as much as possible, while the onlookers applaud.
Like a Girl in history class, you think she\'s the most beautiful woman you \'ve ever seen in your life, you \'ve been on her for a few months and left some small notes, it turns out that Swans are now and used to be vicious and mean little assholes who will not hesitate to break your fingers one by one for daring to pollute its presence.
Then laugh with all of their friends at what a huge loser you are.
In Ireland, it is not uncommon for the university rowing team to cancel the practice because there is a swan in the river.
Rowing teams are often made up of people built like very large trees.
The tree on the benchpress Volvos.
These people are afraid of swans, probably because of a gray old rowing coach who always looks at a bill from the shore
The scar of his left eye.
Dolphins (
Tursiops truncatus)No way. No f*****g way.
What are dolphins doing here?
This is wrong.
These people save mankind.
Every other year or so some divers or something will get lost at sea and these people will take them home.
In order to f * k of interests in November of 2004, a group of these guy aggregation in with from New Zealand coast of a great white shark hands out the three lifeguard.
They are dolphins. They can talk.
They shoot very high.
Chirping and screaming back and forth, patting the tail in the waves, jumping around to let the other party know what kind of day they are going through.
This is the only animal in the world that Americans are proud of not eating.
This is f g Flipper, you have at least one tattoo on every three girls you meet in college.
No animal in the world can relate more closely to the rainbow.
They were fucking. crazed thrill-killers.
How is the plot distorted?
Over the past 17 years or so marine biologists have begun to pay great attention to the dead little dolphins and porpoise that have been washed away on shore, and we quote \"in unexpected ways\"
\"It\'s not a big deal to find that bottlenose dolphins occasionally reconfigure their children with evil.
Humans are the only species on Earth that knows even a little about infanticide.
This is what dolphins do to Dolphins entering the field of \"severe sexual intercourse\"up\'. Thirteen-
The foot male bottle nose dolphins are chasing the Dolphins, beating them to death, and then playing with their bodies, all of which is not the obvious reason.
At the time of writing, most of the opinion of the marine scientific community is that this breath-holding Savage interspecies killing is--
Science here--
It is reported that there are some ridiculous sexual attacks on dolphins around the world in an attempt to rape human women.
In 1994, a male bottle nose on the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, it was pointed out that human swimmers like to attack a pair of human males who are apparently considered competitive. . .
Killed one of them.
Of course, some accounts say.
A few locals apparently tried to drag it out of the water for the first time so they could take pictures with it, and maybe dress it up with a top hat and monocle for the first time.
Here, of course, we have reached our lesson: you need it when dealing with animals.
Otherwise the result could be fatal.
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