tempest in a teakettle: design war heats up

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-06
Take out the teapot and boil the water.
On cold days, no other drink is as soothing and stimulating as hot tea.
From the beginning, the traditional tea method has remained basically the same, using a pot of water steamed.
Over the years, the design of the teapot--
Short and round body, handle and mouth opposite each other--
Almost unchanged.
Today, the battle for design with teapot manufacturers continues.
The famous designer has already put into work to create the best teapot, not only considering the beauty, but also considering the function.
Another battle being fought is the battle between the stoves
Recently, sales of top teapot and electric kettle have been increasing.
Scott McCullough, national sales manager at Zani America, an Italian company subsidiary, said, \"Most people buy the teapot for design when they buy it.
They put it on the stove.
People who buy electric kettles (
There\'s automatic shutdown-offs)
It\'s those that make it easy for the stove to burn dry.
\"The T42 teapot has just introduced one of the most ingenious innovations, and the first in the whistle teapot category ($130)from Metrokane.
The \"happy\" Kettle is a whistle-blowing boiler that plays not only a note, but also the entire tune of \"two people drinking tea.
\"One day, when I had a lot of pressure on new and different items, I came up with the idea,\" said Riki Kane, president of Metrokane . \".
She didn\'t know it was possible, and while cooking a pot of water, she expressed a simple wish, \"How about a teapot where two people drink tea?
Charles Hutt, who Kane later met at a party, fulfilled her wish.
It sounds so naive that the idea turns into three revolutionary-
Technical projects involving 20 yearsperson team.
Hutter, a famous aviation engineer, designed a 1/2-pound aircraft.
Stainless steel quart
Under the lid is a steel kettle with its own miniature steam engine.
It actually contains the first one in the world.
Plastic steam engine, the latest progress in plastic molding technology.
Kane explained: \"When the water is boiling, the steam pressure will cause the piston to move back and forth, and the piston will rotate the disk again.
The hole pattern on the disc guides the steam through the tuning whistle in front of the handle.
\"In addition to musical talent, T42 has elegance and good
Balance shape of two hands
Polished body and handle.
In an introduction to the teapot in Bloomingdale, New York last month, Owen Caesar\'s appearance highlighted this, and he wrote the lyrics for two people drinking tea.
Sing this song, 92-
According to Kane, a one-year-old former songwriter stole the show.
Since its launch in 1985, there have been about 80,000 Michael Graves kettles ($100)
Sell in this country
Produced by Italian Alessi
A company known for making stainless steel
This exquisite kettle, in the art form of steel designer home accessories, was labeled with a design statement in the kitchen of Yapi. Famous post-
Modern architect Graves designed a cone
Shape, weight 18/10 grade stainless steelsteel, 2-
Quart kettle with removable plastic red bird whistle and attractive slate blue handle with dark red knob.
Graves explained that the kettle \"will not try to be too complicated, nor will it play in a bland or utilitarian shape\", but through its three --
Decorated in rich size and color.
The latest third designer teapot from Alessi is Il Conico ($120)
Designed by Aldo Rossi. (
The first one was launched in 1983, called Richard Sapper kettle ($150), a dome-
Kettle in stainless steel and brass. )
Rossi kettle is a silent teapot with a cone from the bottom to the tip of the lid.
There is a small round ball on the cone cover of the kettle.
Rossi, widely regarded as one of the most important living architects in Italy, won the 1984 accent award for \"the most creative design use.
\"The charming simplicity and symmetry of Il Conico makes it look very elegant;
But like all other Alessi kettles, the function is also given importance.
The Serafino Zani teapot was recently launched ($95)
From Zani America.
Created by Milan designer Tarcisio Zani, brother of Serafino, 3-
The whistle kettle is the dome
Shape, featuring a wide pan-shaped base. It has a stay-
The cool handle and a patented unique mouth hold the whistle.
For easy pouring, the spout pulls back and locks the handle.
The Zani kettle is made in Italy and is guaranteed for life.
The boiling water for tea is easy, but to get a more delicious tea, Andrea Israel and Pamela Mitchell, author of the new book \"tea (
Kuato Marketing Co. , Ltd. : $17. 95)
Advise: \"Take an empty kettle full of fresh cold water that flows freely from the tap for a minute or two;
The running water makes it fully inflated and provides the most delicious tea. . . .
Roll the kettle over a medium flame to boil.
Turn off the flame when the water reaches the boiling point.
Don\'t cook too much water and don\'t lose oxygen, even the best tea will not taste too bad.
Boiled water will make the taste of the wine fade.
\"The residual Danic acid in the tea leaves will also destroy the taste of the tea.
Check the manufacturer\'s instructions for cleaning the kettle.
At the time of the kettle keplle from Metrokane T42.
Alessi teapot provided by Bullock\'s, Lynne Deutsch (
Melrose, Los Angeles)and By Design.
The Neiman Marcus store and the silver Frying Pan have Serafino Zani teapot (Del Mar).
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