tauranga 3d printing facility offers growth options for rapid advanced manufacturing

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-20
Technology company fast advanced manufacturing company opened a new factory in taurico commercial park in Tauranga on Friday, and its chairman, Beppe Holm, said the company hopes to have up to 20 units by 2020.
\"Opening a new factory is a very important step in the industry,\" she said . \".
\"We want to build a world here --
3D metal printing equipment.
Fast and advanced manufacturing (RAM)
It is a commercial department that has grown up from the research organization Titanium Industry Development Association (TiDA)
Originally established in 2008.
RAM is the largest 3D metal printing center in Australia, mainly titanium.
It operates four metal laser machines and is considering buying at least two or four machines next year if demand continues to grow.
\"It\'s going to be a gradual ramp --
However, we have potential existing customers and we can see new customers that we can bring.
\"The RAM facility was opened by Steven Joyce, Minister of Technology, who said it was an event he insisted on attending. \" This [
3D metal printing
Technology is a good example of how smart New Zealand is.
I\'m excited about it.
The opening ceremony was attended by
Numerous clients, business leaders and politicians including Mayor of Tauranga Greg brownries, Plenty of Plenty MP Todd Mueller and member Simon Bridges of Tauranga.
\"This is something that the people of Tauranga should be very proud of,\" Mr Bridges said . \".
\"It shows that our business community is not just kiwi and avocado, we have a higher and more complex
The same is true in technology manufacturing.
The opening of RAM is a major development, Mr Brown said.
\"If you look at the way 3D printing is going in the world, our center in Tauranga is fantastic.
\"Ian McCrae, head of Page & Macrae, has been TiDA and RAM\'s main financial supporter and supporter since the beginning, saying that it will take a long time to reach the facility\'s opening.
\"We have a lot of wishes in front of us, and there is still a long way to go.
\"Warwick Downing, who was previously the head of TiDA and has now become the chief executive of RAM, said manufacturers are very interested, but, to understand what 3D metal printing can really do, we have spent some time going beyond the hype.
\"The company is now actually using it as part of their production method, not just one or two prototypes, which I think is very important,\" Mr Downing said . \".
Jon Mason, who has been a supporter of TiDA/RAM since serving as president of New Zealand Trade and business, read out Mike Brown\'s message at the opening ceremony, general manager of renishaw UK, three machines with RAM are provided.
\"Introducing metal 3D printing into a manufacturing environment requires a unique combination of skills, facilities and experience,\" Mr Brown said . \".
\"RAM has been leading the way in this area and is the main driving force for the industry to adapt to this technology in the future.
With the opening of the new custom facility, RAM demonstrates its commitment to lead the 3D printing industry as the 3D printing industry increases its adoption to mainstream manufacturing processes.
\"The parts manufactured by RAM\'s 3D craft include the titanium knife used by the Chiefs America\'s Cup team, the parts of the airborne moth foil by world champion Peter Bolin, the custom handlebars expansion by the New Zealand Olympic cycling team, and the high-
Cycle ends the fort of Australia\'s custom bike maker.
Bert Wilson, general manager of defense in Oceania, has been working with Ram for nearly four years to develop industry
Replace the titanium pressure suppression device (silencers).
Mr. Wilson said that the new RAM facility placed him in a more favourable position in the search for a larger international contract.
\"It\'s hard to compete with major manufacturers who have been in business for 20 and 30 years and have $20
Contract of $30 million
\"Mr. Wilson provided the design and worked with the RAM team to produce it.
Their early work allowed them to break the line of what the machine could do.
\"We are far beyond what manufacturers think we can do with these machines.
Mr Wilson said: \"The new RAM operation is a huge boost for Oceania and will allow the company to provide larger orders.
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