tariffs on auto parts could make cars more valuable to thieves

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-22
One morning you walk outside and you will find that only pieces of glass are left in your car.
Insurance companies said President Trump\'s proposal to impose tariffs on imported cars and auto parts could be a surge in car theft, in addition to rising car prices ---
And the rise in car insurance premiums.
The reason is: if auto parts become harder and more expensive, then thieves, chop shops and the black market will steal more cars.
Car theft has risen nearly 12% in the past three years, the biggest jump-6. 6 percent --
Only in 2016.
Once the thieves catch your Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, their blows
The torch and crowbar are going to work.
\"Part costs are a factor in the recent increase in theft,\" said Roger Morris, spokesman for the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).
\"If something increases the cost, or affects supply and demand, then it is likely that thieves will take advantage of it.
Trend News Trump: millions of people will be deported Sandy Hook apologizes for military housing investigation video: Ortiz shoots an update, \"something\" could be the proposed 25% tariff on imported cars
Repair parts according to property opinion held almost universally
Insurance company.
Joint statement to the United States last weekS.
American Insurance Association, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies and Department of property-
According to the American Accident Insurance Association, 60% of U. S. auto parts are imported, including domestic and international models.
With the president of the European Commission, Jean-
President Donald Trump, Claude Juncker, gave up the threat of a 25% tariff on cars and parts in Europe, which they later embraced. But Mr.
The threat of Trump imposing tariffs on China and other countries remains, and Europe has not yet reached a formal agreement.
If tariffs are imposed, an increase in the price of car repairs could cost the public driving $3.
The insurance group says the premium for individual cars alone is 4 billion.
This does not take into account the rising cost of insurance for car theft, which is included in the separate \"full\" insurance for most cars.
Insurance companies have not publicly disclosed the cost, but a recent study estimates that car theft itself costs $6 billion a year.
Jim Schweitzer, chief operating officer of NICB, said: \"Today the parts on cars and trucks are usually more valuable than a full car and may be easier to move and sell . \".
\"That\'s why we see a lot of key items like wheels, tires and tailgate being stolen.
They always have a market.
\"That\'s why most stolen cars end up parked on the chopping board.
Car repairs usually start with accidents, and as more and more people drive more miles, it seems that there have been more accidents all the time.
According to the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 6 million accidents are reported to the police every year (NHTSA).
Even the \"TouchPad\" that won\'t inflate the police will become more expensive. Average 9.
In a typical car repair, five parts were replaced, the insurance company said.
Although plastic parts are becoming more common, most repairs still require multiple metal parts, 85% of which are from Canada, China, Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan, according to the automotive research center.
But now the insurance company has warned that they may have come from the car you were stolen from.
If the tariffs on auto parts are approved by law, drivers in the United States may think more about the cars they buy and insure them, especially because the car insurance rate is already rising.
Drivers should take a good look at cars with the highest foreign parts content.
For small cars, it is slightly above the intersection of 50%, 56% and compact suv.
The purchase of a luxury compact or standard SUV rose to 84%.
Another way to look at it is to avoid buying cars that are known to be \"the most stolen\", such as Japanese Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima and us gmc Sierra trucks.
In NICB\'s latest heat wheel report, 2016 Camry is the most stolen model, with 15 normally replaced components worth nearly $11,000, excluding labor.
2016 Altima has 14 standard parts worth more than $14,000, including a single headlight assembly worth more than $1,000, the 2016 Sierra pickup included a $1,100 headlight and a rear bumper worth more than $1,100.
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