StratCom offers stratospheric airships to India

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-14
StratCom International Co. , Ltd.
The India-based aerospace company is building the world\'s first stratosphere airship for civilian and military telecom applications, which has offered to sell its unique products in India.
Florida Airlines, founded by former Ronald Reagan administration director of the American Star Wars program, General James A. Abraham (retired), is also discussing this ambitious project by the Indian aerospace and defense organization.
The project was funded by the US Department of Defense.
\"A self-driving, autonomous solar-powered airship designed to fly about 65,000 feet kilometers (20 km kilometers) to provide reliable transmission for people and military applications, including mobile data communication, remote
\"Health care, disaster management and health care,\" Abrahamson told media in Bangalore on Thursday . \".
Although Airship technology has been popular for the past few decades, this is the first time StratCom has recently started working with Lockheed Martin Navy electronics and surveillance systems and other US aerospace companies to build a prototype of a stratosphere airship.
\"The US Department of Defense has provided $100 million in seed funding to build the prototype of the spacecraft, which will be usedoff in 2005-06.
\"It is equipped with a unique payload mixture for rapid deployment, reconfigure and upgrade as a platform floating in the air,\" Abrahamson revealed . \".
In order to develop specific civilian and military applications suitable for India\'s needs, StratCom launched a dialogue with Bangalore --
Headquartered in the joint development of the Indian Space Research Organization, Defense R & D organization and private aerospace companies.
\"We intend to leverage India\'s expertise in developing civilian and military payload for domestic and global markets.
\"With their ability to launch rockets and build their own satellites, Indian Space and Defense scientists are able to add value to our airship project,\" observed Abrahamson . \".
The company is also considering outsourcing avionics and IT applications for dual payload from India\'s leading global IT professional.
Given the large population of India (more than 1.
2 billion) the population of hundreds of cities and towns in the country is highly concentrated, and StratCom has great potential for airships.
\"The same-temperature airship has provided developing countries like India
Take advantage in dual applications and narrow the digital divide.
\"They can be located at a point on the surface of the Earth and can reach a range of 500 km using their payload,\" said Abrahamson . \".
The airship is powered by solar cells and is independent of towers, base stations and other ground equipment.
In addition to the powerful communication package, they can also help reach any remote area of the area through hybrid optical and radar sensors.
StratCom chairman and CEO stressed the cost-effectiveness of using this type of airship, saying the cost per airship is about $15
20 million depending on the payload, the payload can be extended from a low point of 5440 kg lb (907 kg lb) to 7000lb (LB ).
Measuring about 500-
600 long, 150 long
With a diameter of 180, the airship can be retained in space as a floating platform for 1-1
Use helium for 5 years.
For navigation and maneuvering purposes, they can be controlled remotely from the Earth.
\"With state-of-the-art technology, the position of the airship will be lower than that-
Satellites orbiting the Earth
They will expand their existing satellite communication facilities to provide additional bandwidth for interactive TV and radio broadcasting, wireless communication and video for mobile users
Meeting, \"n g. Abrahamson claims.
Military payload can include very high
A spectral camera for observing ground, airborne, or spatial targets;
Low and high frequency radar for ground imaging or aerial/spatial target tracking and bi
A static or passive RF sensor.
According to K. Ramchand, chairman of the Institute of defense and science and technology (Bangalore branch), the stratosphere airship is a breakthrough in space technology that can be effectively used to improve the multiple communication systems in India.
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