Stratasys\' Latest Moves Show How Quickly the 3-D Printing Landscape Is Evolving

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-15
In some ways, nowday 3-
D. Printing/Additive Manufacturing has a lot in common with the early PC industryto-mid \'80s.
Penetration is still low, technology and standards are rapidly evolving, and it is far from easy to figure out who will be the winner and loser in a decade from now on.
Leading Industry 3-Two New Technologies announced today
Stratasys printer manufacturer (SSYS -Get Report)
Highlights the extent to which the industry is still changing.
One of them is called infinite
Build, allowing objects to be printed on a vertical plane, Stratasys claims to be allowed in direction 3-D-
Printing materials are being stacked (i. e.
Build direction).
The company also claims Unlimited
Build significantly increases production speed, allows material to be adjusted dynamically, and allows the production process to be repeated easily.
The technology is based on the modeling of molten deposition (FDM), a 3-
D. The printing process Stratasys was founded decades ago and is now widely used in the industry. Boeing (BA -Get Report)
Use 3-no stranger
D printing for part manufacturing, is exploring infinity-
Built for \"low production\"
Light parts. \" Ford (F -Get Report)
At the same time, will work with Stratasys to take advantage of the Unlimited
Create a new car application-grade 3-
D. printing materials that were previously impossible due to limited size.
\"Car manufacturers have been using 3-
D. printer for prototyping, announced last year to work with Carbon 3
D, a startup that has developed the printing process claims that printing objects is 100 times faster than traditional methods.
Another technology, known as robot composites, is announced to manufacture composites 3-D-
Printing parts with less labor
Larger composite parts are also allowed to be manufactured.
The solution combines stratasy\'s printing technology with sisiemen\'s motion control hardware, as well as Tizen\'s software, to transform the product design into 3-D-printed parts.
Stratasys shares rose 2. Wednesday 8%
Stratasys is not the only 3-
D. printing technology announcement turned positive this year.
In May, HP Inc. (HPQ -Get Report)
Officially announced the first 3-
D printer, Jet Fusion 3200 and 4200.
HP claims that printers relying on its multi-nozzle fusion inkjet printing technology will print objects at a speed of ten times faster than their competitors, costing half of them.
According to industrial printer standards, HP has also actively priced its hardware.
At present, only black plastic can be used for HP printers.
But the promise is to support more colors and materials, as is the ability to print parts that contain sensors and/or \"embedded information such as invisible traces or Codes.
\"The company also allows third parties to provide materials that the printer can use and wants to support\" hundreds, if not thousands, of materials \"in a timely manner \".
Although the industry has been in trouble recently, 3-
Printing innovation continues at a rapid pace.
This is good news for industry customers, but for 3-
Printer manufacturers and their investors.
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