Space startup Agnikul Cosmos raises Rs 3cr in seed funding

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-09
Chennai: space start-ups hatched by IIT
Agnikul Cosmos madras \'Hatching cells raised seed funds of Rs 3 from seeds
Professional consultant of stage investment company.
The start-up is manufacturing orbital launch vehicles for smaller payload, designed to accelerate prototype development by strengthening infrastructure and increasing team size.
Working in the national combustion research and development center of IIT --
Madras of anicur is
Srinath Ravichandran by engineers and space enthusiasts (CEO)and Moin SPM (COO).
They designed and manufactured launch vehicles capable of carrying about 100 kilograms of weight to reduce Earth orbit, thus providing a more viable option for smaller satellites and other operators.
The startup\'s engine uses additional manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing. “Speciale [the investor]
It has brought a lot of industry connections and has experienced profound technology-
Ravichandran told TOI that \"focused investors can guide us as we scale,\" noting that the funds will help startups integrate their efforts and make them more
Vishesh Rajaram, partner, consultant for Incept Speciale, said Agnikul was impressed by the current $20 million of the fund by leveraging rapid prototyping manufacturing.
The company said its launch vehicle is in place and is expected to enter orbit for the first time in the next two years, with test procedures going on within 2019 kilometers.
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