souvenirs from europe you can’t sneak through customs

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-04
Think about some delicious things that American tourists can bring home: rare cognac and (certain)
Cheese from France, fresh creamy truffles from Switzerlandto-
Find Irish whiskey from Dublin, one-
Saint Laurent gown from Paris.
But that super-
Peugeot or super fashion
Cool seats you catch a glimpse on the blue coast? Uh-uh.
Like the ham and tomatoes you \'ve tasted in Rome, the cars, and more like them, are forbidden fruit (
Like most fruits.
In terms of importing European food to the United States.
The reasons are complex and most of the reasons are related to the confusion of federal, state and local laws and regulations.
Almost all new cars sold in Europe that are not exported to the United States do not meet a long list of safety and emission standards.
Some cars have different bumpers, different lights, and even different brake and brake lines that do not meet US specifications.
These are just a few examples of non-compliance.
No export to overseas to enjoy the fun of Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz or Jaguar from the Czech Republic, with exceptions: some models over the age of 25, as well as their original engines, may be allowed to enter.
Of course, the buyer has to pay for the freight, just like by boat.
Enthusiasts who search the Internet may find a car that complies with US regulations overseas, but the choice is likely to be limited.
If you are considering the European delivery plan offered by some automakers, please note that these cars are basically no different from the models sold by these brands in the US;
The main benefit is that holidaymakers can schedule a period of time in Europe before the new car is sent home, and save the high cost of renting a car overseas.
For those determined to try to import cars, the Customs and Border Protection agency issued a comprehensive guide.
If you fall in love with Audi Avants that you can\'t buy in the US, don\'t treat it as personal.
\"From a business perspective, the United StatesS.
The market doesn\'t support bringing them here at all, \"said Mark Dannick, a spokesman for Audi in the United States.
\"We will constantly evaluate our portfolio to see if it makes sense to bring them back.
We will continue to work hard.
At the same time, we can dream all the time.
Next, there is no special order, there are some new cars from there that are not currently available here.
While others may be looking for the best hot pot, consider car daydream.
There is always a choice for rent.
The public of GTI.
For those who bump out of a Smart car, the baby is cute and fun.
A British car authority called it the \"top equipment Award\"Winners and all
Great things.
The maximum speed is about 120 per hour. p. h. , and its zero-to-
Less than 9 seconds in 60 seconds, but in Mazda Miata-
It\'s a pleasure to talk and get there.
The ride is quite firm-
This is the price of 95. Inch wheelbase-
But the view on the highway is pleasant, the parking space is tight, everyone (almost)
Give up with a smile. Audi RS4 Avant.
Avants is Audi
Speaking for the van, in the United States, the van is almost verboten, in the United StatesU. V. rules.
But for Europeans, the carriage makes sense, and this power station with twins
The turbo V6 engine developed in partnership with Porsche is nearing its best. Quattro all-
Wheel drive is baked into RS4.
If you don\'t think the carriage is sexy, this one is the eyeopener. Subaru Levorg.
This carriage is available almost all over the world.
The Esque model is essentially a version of the WRX sedan sold in the United States.
In the typical Subaru fashion, Levorg is not fashionable (
A popular joke not long ago was that the Subaru designer worked in the dungeon.
But it is a powerful means of transport, and now the company is no longer offering practical hatchback WRX in the US, which is particularly attractive. All-
The wheel drive is standard and some Levorgs can produce 300 hp.
By the way, the name represents \"heritage evolution tourism \". ” Of course.
Alpha Romeo giuliya, manual transmission.
We know that Rod movement is an endangered species in the United States, and it is clear that the rate of rod movement in Europe is also declining.
But there are still several examples overseas.
Brands like Jaguar, Mercedes and BMW.
We will use six of its options. speed manual.
The Italians said at the time that they would provide such a gearbox in the United States, but the only option now is an automatic gearbox.
Renault Megane RS.
Among European heroes, the dried plum tree is a evergreen plant that dates back to more than 20 years.
Can be used as gasoline or diesel (
Remember, this is Europe)
The design of Mégane is similar to that of Mazda3.
Still, the car\'s French features shine: it\'s responsive, light-weight, and proud to be a Gaul.
Designers of French cars have historically sacrificed processing power to gain creature comfort, but not here, so when you bomb the automatic route, the Magne arrives as a cruiser. Citroën C3.
When we speak French, think about Citroen C3, which emphasizes form rather than function and draws a page from the custom books that Mini has been popular in the last decade.
For our money, these four
The door hatch is lovely, it has a soft curve and a purposeful gesture.
The contrasting roof seems to be almost floating, followed by a \"gas wave\", a plastic-shaped, air-
The bumps filled in the lower part of the door to transfer scratches and dents from those pesky Paris parking lots.
There are rumors that the French PSA Group, which also produces Peugeot, is planning to re-
Enter the US market (
The last Peugeot left the US dealership in 1991).
Fingers crossed. VW T-Roc R.
I fell in love with T-
When I first saw it at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few years ago, I saw it.
Sitting in the exhibition hall full of ball roots and S. U. V. s, the T-Roc (terrible name)was special.
Now is the climax-
Performance version R: 296 hp 295-
The torque foot is a little bit more than the Golf R hatch in the US. A seven-speed dual-
The clutch is automatically standard, just like allwheel drive.
Bet five T.
Roc will never be filmed under the Brooklyn Bridge, although VW says it will launch an ultra-small crossover that will be slotted under Tiguan in the United States in 2020. Lotus Elise.
British sports car?
There must be one on this list.
Although some models of this classic British brand can be bought in the United States, including Evora, hyper-
Lightweight Elise has been our restricted area for several years as it does not meet airbag rules and other safety standards.
But if you\'re lucky, you can at least watch one and drive through the South Downs or the Scottish Highlands.
Yellow is the preferred color.
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