sony mobile’s new smartphone has a built-in 3d scanner

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-21
Sony Mobile\'s latest flagship phone, the Xperia XZ2, has several notable features: from the amazing 5. 7-
Inch display and pro-
High quality camera supports high with its fast performance and long battery life
Resolution Audio, touch (vibration)
Feedback, etc.
But there is a tool that particularly attracts the imagination of those who have the opportunity to play with the device.
It\'s called 3D Creator, which, by definition, turns your smartphone into three-
Size scanner
You can use the front-or rear-
Scan 3D objects like birthday cake, action chart or even your own head in the face of the camera and recreate it digitally
High resolution and 360-degrees —
The Xperia XZ2 screen to view.
It takes less than a minute to create a scan, and then you can rotate and zoom in with your fingers as if it was real.
You can turn this scan into an animated avatar, superimposed on a real
Create your own augmented reality and then share the world scene of the results with friends.
You can even send the scan to a 3D printer. Here’s a step-by-
For example, use a head scan to guide you forward. 1.
Start the application and select.
Click on the 3D Creator app on the Xperia XZ2 screen to select one of the five scan modes: face, head, selfie, free form or food.
Selecting what you want to scan will optimize the effect accordingly.
Make sure there is a lot of light. 2.
Choose the camera now.
If you are scanning your face, you will want to choose the front
Face the selfie camera.
You can sit down if you have a friend by your side so you don\'t walk around. 3.
Arrange your head with the outline.
According to the outline of the head (and eyes)on the screen.
Take the camera closer or move it back so your head and eyes align.
Whether you do this or have someone else do it for you, slowly pan left or right along the arrow until you see all the white dots turn green.
Don\'t forget to keep your hands (and head)
As stable as possible. 4. Almost there.
You will see and hear the prompt to confirm that you have everything arranged correctly.
The app will do a fine check on your face and head to clean up any lime green \"manual \"(digital noise)
Around the head and chin.
In a few seconds you will see a 3D version of your own face.
It may be a little creepy at first because it\'s very realistic
Even when you zoom in! 5.
After scanning the head, 3D Creator allows you to save, view, and edit 3D objects.
Numbers are almost easyto-
Follow the screen tool.
Or use deformation tools to create ideas.
This app comes with tips to guide you through the process. 6.
Add effects, share.
You can upload your 3D avatar online or overlay it to dance or exercise on the animated body.
You can also jump into the scene with your avatar and save it all on your phone to add augmented reality distortion.
The app allows you to share your creations for all your friends to see.
Like shadow avatars, the free Android app lets you import your head, add new clothes and share them as gif or video.
Or bring your custom
Avatar was made through 3D printing.
Hey, you can even make an edible version for your noggin!
For more information about Sony Mobile 3D creators, check out Sony Mobile\'s Xperia xz2.
Or play it in Bell or free mobile store.
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