small jumping robot holds big ideas

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-20
This is a cute little robot that can jump on its own, but the meaning of this design can be far away --reaching.
We\'re talking about safer workplaces, no more sports damage, no more broken cameras.
Team of engineers at MIT\'s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)
A \"skin\" has been developed for the robot to disperse the liquid into the plastic through 3D printing, greatly reducing the impact force.
They test the skin by covering a robot cube that can jump autonomously.
The video below shows the cube jumping into the air and \"sticking\" to the landing due to the impact absorption properties of the liquid.
The key development here is that in a technology called \"programmable sticky bullet material\", liquids can be accurately distributed on plastic materials for 3D printing (PVM).
The skin-covered robot will be more flexible and accurate in practical applications.
For example, a drone or GoPro camera can absorb the impact more safely from a high altitude.
In engineering, the skin can provide a more accurate and safe traversal of robotic vehicles and improve landing measures for rocket propulsion.
The brain behind PVM has some exciting other exciting ideas: \"In the future, this material and process may find applications in a wide range of fields, includes customized motion equipment, personal protective cameras, or vibration isolation in industrial equipment.
\"This means that PVM skin can reduce sports damage, more lasting safety for outdoor activities, and more safety for the workplace.
Cyclists, drivers, and so on, the risk of impact damage can be reduced due to long lasting skin.
If applied to vehicles such as cars and trains, it may lead to a significant reduction in the number of deaths and injuries in crashes.
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