Six-Axis Stewart Platform

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-16
Overview: Here is the second part of building 6-1
Axis hexpod robot inspired by D. work
Stewart, and manufactured by ready-made parts through Arduino control.
The first description includes a design file for rapid prototyping (
Laser cutting and 3D printing)
, A list of materials and hardware links for purchasing parts, as well as an introduction to the electronic setup of PWM control.
This platform was developed for precise control of heavy objects, so linear actuators were selected in the servo design of the conversion.
I have not found a guide to this design anywhere online, and I would like this guide to provide a starting point for anyone with similar robot needs.
The second installation of this instructable will outline the reverse motion and control interface.
Statement: all hardware images are provided by Servocity unless otherwise stated.
With a linear actuator for PWM control, cut the wire after the control box before the power end, and then re-
Connect the power and ground to the DC bucket power jack.
The actuator with PWM control has a built-in resistor for stopping any power overload on the board.
Thus, the barrel Jack goes directly into the actuator and the digital input is powered by the Arduino board 5 v power supply.
Statement: all hardware images are provided by Servocity unless otherwise stated.
Note: All laser files are optimized for cutting on a bed with 32 in x 18 in, and 3D printed parts are optimized for bed cutting with 8 in x 10 in.
Material: Supplied and available for download is a laser cutting file and universal joint that connects two independent actuators to a single point at the bottom of the platform.
This simplifies the calculation in the control process of keeping the triangular platform and parallel connecting the actuator length.
The attached 3d model outlines the assembly steps and illustrates the relationship of each part.
Please contact if you have any questions, questions or suggestions!
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