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Silicone rubber with vaccuum casting

Silicone rubber with vaccuum casting

Silicone rubber with vaccuum casting

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Plastic-ABS;PP;PMMA;PC and silicone rubber;
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Company Advantages
1. Our vacuum mold casting are of superb quality to make vacuum die casting higher quality. Vacuum casting is an economical way to create batch plastic prototypes
2. Since the establishment, Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. has relied on the development vision of vacuum mold casting . No expensive and time-consuming production tooling is needed in the production of highly complex parts
3. It meets the client’s requirement in every term of quality and durability. Mold-Tech and VDI finish on INDUSTRIAL-MAN metal and plastic parts can be provided

Vacuum remodeling products that can be copied in batches mainly include:

1. Copy plastics; car hand model, car bumper sample, medical device structural model, rapid appearance sample, various home appliances, digital communication hand model, security hand board and so on.
2. Copy transparent type: full transparent hand piece, color transparent hand piece, translucent frosting effect sample, generally these products are mainly acrylic, pc and other transparent plastic parts, generally used in the production of car lights, large medical equipment appearance Medium.
3. Copy soft rubber: transparent soft rubber, transparent soft rubber with color, soft rubber with different hardness.

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Steps of Vacuum Casting

  • ◪  Before the production of Vacuum Casting, we need to make a sample by CNC machining or 3D printing.

  • Then mix silicone with curing agent. The appearance of Vacuum Casting is a flowing liquid, component A is Silicone, component B is a curing agent.

  • ◪  Vacuum evacuations:

  • After the silicone and curing agent are mixed evenly, vacuum evacuation is performed. The time for vacuuming should not be too long. Under normal circumstances, do not exceed 10 minutes. If the vacuum is too long, the silicone will cure immediately. The cross-linking reaction was produced so that the silica gel became one piece and could not be painted or poured.

  • ◪   Brushing or operation process:

  • Pull the evacuated silicone on the sample by brush or pour. (Note: The product or model to be copied need to use release agent before pour the silicone). Then brush the silicone on the top of the product, brushing must be uniform, after 30 minutes, paste a layer of gauze fiber weft cloth to increase the strength and tensile of silicone.

  • ◪  Outer mold production:

  • Generally used methods and materials are surrounding the mold by a plastic sheet or wood, then fill mold cabinet with plaster. Another method is to brush a layer of resin then paste a layer of glass fiber cloth, then brush and then paste, repeated two or three layers can complete the mold outside.

  • ◪  Filling or pouring mold operation method:

  • Filling or pouring mold is used for relatively smooth or simple products, no mold line save time and labor.

Company Features
1. Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. is a leading global company with major production vacuum die casting.
2. The comprehensive quality and ability level of our employees are high. They are well-educated about the domain-relevant know-how and profound and comprehensive understanding of our products. This advantage helps us better serve clients with targeted products.
3. Since inception, Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. has focused on market demand, constantly upgrading and improving our products. Get price!
The workmanship assessment of INDUSTRIAL-MAN vacuum mold casting will be conducted by the QC team. These assessments include stitching quality, seaming force, fiber strength, fastness to rubbing, etc. Jiahe fire retardant stitchbond meets the UK fire retardant standard for the mattress
INDUSTRIAL-MAN vacuum mold casting is treated with mature dyeing technique. It is conducted with an anionic direct dye by completely immersing the fabric (or yarn) in an aqueous dyebath. Jiahe stitchbonded fabric is generally used in bedding, bags, shoes and curtains
There are several major production processes included in INDUSTRIAL-MAN vacuum mold casting manufacture, namely, materials opening and cleaning, loosening the fibers, lapping, dyeing, and printing. The flame-retardant superiority distinguishes Jiahe stitchbonded fabric
INDUSTRIAL-MAN vacuum mold casting is produced under up-to-date technology. From the textile fiber screening to the quality inspection stage, nanotechnology, supercritical fluid extraction technology, and plasma technology are applied. Jiahe printed stitchbond is capable of dealing with static
Workmanship inspection is conducted on INDUSTRIAL-MAN vacuum die casting. Common assessments such as colorfastness to washing and rubbing, fiber strength, fiber structure, chemical agents are done by the QC team. The weight of Jiahe printed stitchbond can be 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, or customized
Its quality is strictly controlled and it has passed many international certifications. Jiahe printed stitchbond is tear resistant and durable
The quality of this product is more assured by stressing the value of quality management. The flame-retardant superiority distinguishes Jiahe stitchbonded fabric
The product sets indusry standards for quality and safety. Jiahe printed stitchbond is ideally suited as an exterior layer for use in mattress and bedding
It is qualified with many international certification. Jiahe stitchbonded fabric is made of Polyester and viscose
The combination of advanced production technology and superior material can fully guaranteed the quality of this product. Jiahe shopping bag stitchbond is the ideal material for environment-friendly bags and shoe bags
The product is of the finest quality in the industry as it surpassed the international quality standards. Jiahe shopping bag stitchbond is the ideal material for environment-friendly bags and shoe bags
INDUSTRIAL-MAN Prototyping tries and keeps our prices as low as possible. Jiahe stitchbonded fabric is made of Polyester and viscose
Compared with other products, this product has a higher potential value. Patterns and colors perform exceptionally by using Jiahe printed stitchbond
With good reputation of INDUSTRIAL-MAN, this product has a large potential user group. Jiahe stitchbonded fabric is generally used in bedding, bags, shoes and curtains
This product is believed to have a wide range of applications due to the huge market demand. Jiahe stitchbond fabric comes in different widths and weights, depending on the clients' requirements
By vacuum die casting, Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. innovate its business models and build up its international competitiveness. Jiahe stitchbonded fabric has obtained the certificate such as SGS, RPET
INDUSTRIAL-MAN is experienced in supplying exquisite vacuum die casting for customers. With its good performance, Jiahe coated stitchbond is adopted in the furniture
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