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by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-15
Sensio Technologies presents live 3D video streaming via the Internet on the National Assn.
Today\'s Broadcasting Corporation Conference in Las Vegas provides another example of how 3D technology can be transferred from theater to home-
Although there are still some important obstacles that need to be crossed.
In the demo, ahleigh-
From the international data broadcast Boothstreamed of the stereo camera NAB to the HD video feed of the computer on the booth, it compresses it into the format of the Sensio and compresses it again into MPEG-4.
Then, it reaches another computer on the booth through the Internet Protocol, which shows the video on 3Dready high-def screen.
The audience wearing a pair of special glasses saw a clear and convincing digital 3D video;
Without glasses, the image is blurred to an almost unrecognizable level.
Felician Farcutiu, a Sensio audio-visual technician, said that it takes up to 5 Mbps bandwidth to transmit-
No more than a2D high-
Def stream of similar quality.
This is the upper edge of many home DSL connections, but these speeds may increase as consumers become more concerned
HD video online
This technology can be used on any type of screen-
Computer o\'s software on the Computer can convert the signal into a signal that matches the screen and the glasses worn by the user.
Polarized screens require polarized glasses, board screens that work with shutter glass lenses, and regular screens that work with color lenses (e.
G, red one lens, blue one lens).
The limiting factor is the computer software needed to view the 3D stream.
Sensio has only one licensed party today. -Arcsoft --
Sell 3D video players as part of the photo and video software suite.
There\'s the usual chicken-and-egg problem;
Content providers will not be interested in providing 3D flu until there are a lot of people who can view 3D streams, however, software manufacturers will not be interested in distribution technology until there is a large amount of content that needs to be consumed.
But Farcutiu believes that online games will be an important driver given the obvious appeal of 3D to players.
In addition to this, the computer screen seems to be the first stop for 3D to be more natural in the home.
Online video is more of a lean
In the experience, consumers can get 3D
Much smaller investment than 3D ready computer screenready TV.
Sensio spokesman Magali Valence said the goal is to enable live programming to be presented in 3D both online and in the air.
The company has taken part in an event where the British band Keane performed live to the audience at the London theater, via satellite TV and the Internet.
It\'s not clear whether many people actually watched the full 3D glory concert--
Regardless of the fact that the band is Keane, the transmission requires a special device.
Set-top box or PC software.
However, it\'s easy to imagine what would happen if the software went into widespread distribution ---
For example, if a popular technology company starts building 3D features in its media player.
Researchers may suddenly have reason to have their 3D blockbusters play on demand in all sizes intact. --
Jon Hiley wrote an editorial for the point-making department of time.
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