Selinger calls electric transit bus the future of public transport

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-26
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Manitoba today unveiled a prototype of a new electric bus, which officials hope will soon be available in North America.
This morning, the new bus quietly drove to a ceremony at the southern site of the Manitoba Legislative Building, carrying Prime Minister Greg Selinger from Winnipeg and Mitsubishi executive Watanabe high
New Flyer based in Manitoba Hydro and Red River College.
Selinger put all
Electric, battery
The electric bus developed in Manitoba is the future of public transport.
\"Since we announced the development of electric buses last year, the five partners involved in the project have been planning to launch and run a prototype for testing within a year, the prime minister said.
\"We have reached this goal, and now we continue to actively promote manufacturing-in-
Manitoba offers solutions for public transport vehicles powered by clean energy.
\"Chris Stodart, vice president of New Flyer Engineering, expects the bus to be tested under Winnipeg conditions starting next year.
The company has not yet signed any agreement to sell buses to Winnipeg crossings or any other agency, but it is expected that some transit authorities across North America will try it once in the coming years.
The New Flyer, already the largest bus manufacturer in North America, will be one of the earliest-if not the earliest-
A commercial manufacturer selling electric bus buses on the continent.
The test bus shown today is 40-
Feet Xcelsior from the New Flyer.
The company described it as its state-of-the-art bus platform.
It is equipped with an electric drive and has been redesigned to carry advanced lithium-
Ion batteries produced by Mitsubishi.
Red River College supports the initiative through the ongoing work of its electric vehicle technology and education center, including the development of a charging infrastructure that analyzes performance data.
Hydropower officials said the plan would expand the capacity of the fast charging system.
The prototype bus cost $3 million.
The expenses are evenly distributed between the province, Manitoba Hydro and Mitsubishi.
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