seguin auto parts manufacturer to hire 100

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-21
Seguin auto parts manufacturing plant is continuing its expansion for many years by adding 100 new jobs, including engineers and quality control specialists. The 340,000-square-
Ford Continental manufacturing currently employs more than 1,600 workers to create blind spot monitors and nitrous nitrogen sensors for diesel engines.
The plant recently completed an upgrade of $0. 113 billion, with an increase of 300 jobs as production began in 2012.
\"This is a full expansion,\" the site\'s factory manager said in a telephone interview . \".
\"You have to understand the difference between our business.
One is that each vehicle must have an engine controller, which is a standard device.
But not every car has a blind spot module.
This is an option.
Williams says there is one for every four cars in the United States. S.
Equipped with parts made in Seguin factory.
The manufacturing plant can now \"make more products per square foot than we have ever had in our history,\" Williams said.
\"The new jobs are not surprising,\" said Seguin\'s director, whose organization has been working to boost the growth of mainland factories since the expansion was announced in 2012.
\"We \'ve been working with them for a while and a little aware that they\'re ready,\" Schneuker said, adding more work.
Williams said the new expansion was due to \"better than expected\" sales of blind spot monitors\"
More features are expected by customers.
\"It\'s one of the features like cruise control, and once you get one, you don\'t want to drive a car without one,\" Williams said . \".
He expects that the facility will continue to expand to at least 2020 as it meets the growing demand.
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