rubber molding.

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-03
Highly Automated rubber hydraulic molding machines are said to provide higher productivity and improved part quality.
Existing models range from 600 tons to 2,000 tons.
The 600-ton model uses eight mold openings and uses the platform of 74 \"x 54.
This model features 30 \"ram with 8 10\" openings.
Heating can be steam, oil, or electricity, and it is said to be designed as a closed-loop system with precise and programmable temperature control.
The standard steam heating model is equipped with manifold and valve.
Heavy construction is said to minimize deformation.
The stamping system is a fully automatic mold processing system for opening and closing the mold.
Elevator system for mold handling
According to the company, adjust and provide highly accurate alignment with the mold.
It is said that the PLC control system eliminates the manual device-
Ups, reduce settings
Provide more accurate settings-
According to the manufacturer.
Temperature control is said to be high precision, and the control system controls the movement proportionally through speed control.
All controls are fully programmablefriendly. (
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