richard iii: facial reconstruction shows king\'s features

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-21
A facial reconstruction based on Richard III\'s skull reveals what the British king looks like.
In an archaeological dig, the king\'s skeleton was found under a parking lot in Leicester.
The reconstructed face has a slightly arched nose and a prominent chin, similar to the features in the portrait painted after Richard III\'s death.
Historian and writer John Ashdown
Hill said seeing it was \"almost like being face-to-face with a real person \".
This development occurred after archaeologists at the University of Leicester confirmed that the bones found last year were the bones of the 15 th century king, whose DNA matched the descendants of the King\'s family.
Richard was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 at the age of 32, and only two years after landing on the throne, was challenged by the future Henry VII Henry Tudor army. Dr Ashdown-
Hill, who wrote the last days of Richard III, said: \"The most obvious feature in the portrait is the shape of the nose and chin, both visible in facial reconstruction.
Philip Lanley, a member of the Richard III Association who initiated the search, said earlier in a documentary on Channel 4: \"It doesn\'t look like the face of a tyrant.
I\'m sorry, but no.
\"He is handsome.
Just like you can talk to him and talk to him now.
\"The Computer adds muscle and skin layers to the head bone scan and the result is made into three layers
Plastic model of size. Dr Ashdown-
Hill said: \"I said before that when I was standing next to Leicester\'s grave, I felt like I was closer to Richard III than ever before, but when I saw the face rebuild, I realized I was close to Richard III, who died.
\"It\'s just a bone, it\'s just a body, and the face-to-face part is rebuilt, and I feel it almost in front of the living Richard III.
\"Reconstruction is particularly important because the contemporary portrait of Richard III has not survived yet. Dr Ashdown-
Hill said: \"All his surviving portraits
Even the later hunchback and what was added later --
It\'s actually very similar [to each other]
Therefore, it has always been considered that they are based on contemporary portraits drawn in his life, or perhaps several portraits drawn in his life.
\"The Richard III Association officially announced the reconstruction at the London antiques association on Tuesday morning.
The reconstruction project is expected to be on display in the future.
Experts at the University of Leicester say the DNA of the bones matches the offspring of the Richard III family. Dr Ashdown-
Hill said: \"We\'re not sure if the body is Richard III, so face reconstruction --
Especially if it\'s not possible to get DNA from bones.
It may be evidence of a share of the outside, and it is still.
Caroline Wilkinson, professor of cranial facial Identification at Dundee University, said: \"It is a great honor to be able to analyze a skull that is considered Richard III.
\"The facial reconstruction was carried out assuming the remains were unknown, and the portrait of Richard III was not used as a reference.
\"When the 3D digital bust image is finished, it is copied in plastic using a quick prototype system, which is drawn and the righteous eye is added and put on wigs, hats and clothes.
\"Professor Wilkinson said that Janice Aitken, the artist of the Dundee team, only used the portrait of Richard III at this stage as a reference for hair style and color, eye color, skin color and clothing.
The panel estimates that the final results are as accurate as possible.
\"Our method of facial reconstruction has been blind multiple times using living subjects, and we know that we can expect that about 70% of the face surface should have less than 2mm error, professor Wilkinson said.
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