rapid prototyping benefits.

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In two panel discussions hosted by pattern and casting tool Div.
, A focus on the advantages of using fast prototypes.
During the discussion, the three panelists agreed that the initial benefit of rapid prototyping was fast.
\"If the customer does not integrate in time compression, he will not consider a quick prototyping method,\" L said . \"
Andre, curing companyIf end-
Delivery capacity is a concern, he added, and fast prototyping is a better, faster and cheaper way to make castings, but that doesn\'t mean it\'s cheaper to do so.
In this case, however, most customers are happy to pay the premium.
According to J. , rapid prototyping enables the foundry to quickly bring complex prototypes back to the customer\'s hands to determine shrinkage and develop difficult pouring systems
Thiel express casting company
High-quality models can be made on time to better understand the needs that must be met. K.
Krook general foundry services
He said that in order to enable the foundry to use rapid prototyping technology, it is possible-
A house with a network
Interaction and collaboration software based on CAD.
\"This is another tool in the toolbox that can make designers more creative,\" he said . \".
Talking about what else the foundry can do to take advantage of the rapid prototyping technology, Andre warns that whatever costs are raised for the physical modeling software, in order to use it effectively, the same investment should be made in training.
The rapid prototype can be used for any type of casting process, the process improvement rewrites the definition of the \"prototype\" and even has now delivered production on some parts.
\"For traditional imitators, some of the things we do seem ridiculous.
It\'s not ridiculous when customers buy time
\"Compression,\" said Andre.
When the product is more complex and complex, the rapid prototyping model for investing in castings is particularly beneficial.
\"Most Foundry now have CAD inside.
From there, they can determine what is the best approach and build the schema, \"Krook said.
Since entering rapid prototyping, Andre has reported that sales have doubled under the same number of employees.
\"We offer castings, but we are in sales time --
He added: \"compression.
Another panel discussed current and future requirements for data exchange.
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