rapid prototyping and rapid tooling services.

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-24
Tracking lab Ltd. Paladin is sick.
The testing and analysis lab has set up a new service team called quickprotoping.
It will manage the rapid development of the company.
Prototyping services using 3D system stereo printing or Stratasys fusion
Simulation of deposition (FDM)machines. Tel: (847)934-5300 * www.
Rapid prototyping.
In addition, Bastech, Inc.
Van Daria, Ohio now offers fast
Laser sintering using laser form A6 of 3D system (SLS)technology. In this CAD-
Based on a fully automated process, the tool blade is manufactured by laser sintering of powder A6 tool steel and then penetrating the \"green\" part with molten bronze.
The result is completely dense, 36%-bronze part. Tel: (937)890-9292 * www. bastech.
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