plastic rotational molding

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-30
Rotary molding is a unique plastic mold process, which is very suitable for the production of hollow parts.
Seamless plastic parts can be as small as the doll\'s eyes or as large as 21000-
Gallon storage tank.
Complex geometry that cannot be generated by other Hollow
Part of the process, usually as-
Parts formed by rotation.
Compared to other processes that produce hollow parts, the initial financial investment in the molds and machines required for rotary molding is low.
Thanks to these advantages, the growth rate of the plastic rolling industry is impressive.
For a variety of complex reasons, the industry has yet to reach its full potential.
The process is based on the heating and cooling of a two-way rotating mold that defines the desired part shape.
The most common types of processing equipment are many
Tower crane arm.
The basic components of the machine are the oven, a separate cooling chamber and a turret for moving arms and molds during processing.
The turret is equipped with one to five arms, which can be straight or offset.
The straight arm is used for the operation of a variety of small molds;
The offset arm is usually used to hold as large a single mold as possible within the range of the oven and cooling chamber. A pre-
The measured amount of plastic material is placed in the cavity, which is mounted on the turret arm that can rotate the mold in both directions.
The turret then moves the enclosed rotary mold into the oven and rotates the mold in both directions at the same time, evenly distributing the plastic oven on the inner surface of the cavity.
The heat of the oven then melts or sintering the plastic material into the shape provided by the cavity.
While continuing to rotate, the mold is moved to the cooling room where the mold and plastic parts are in the cooling room.
The turret then moves the plastic mold to the open station and removes the finished part.
This process can then be repeated.
Rotating molding is a simple, low for casual observerstech, easy-to-
Understand the process.
There is nothing more distant than the truth.
Anyone who attempts to produce acceptable parts using this equipment is immediately convinced that the process is complex and offers many opportunities for failure.
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