plastic jar removed from fla. bear cub\'s head

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-08
OCALA, Fla. —
A black bear cub affectionately known as \"jarhead\" in Florida can finally enjoy a good meal.
Remove a transparent plastic container from 6-6month-
The head of an old cub trapped for at least 10 days.
The cub sticks his head into the jar while digging garbage in a community in central Florida.
Biologists say the cub is still a few days away from death because the jar prevents it from eating or drinking water.
The group must appease the mother bear and then grab the cub to remove the jar from the bear\'s head.
Then the uniformed mother was trapped in the trap and the Cubs followed.
After she woke up to take care of the Cubs, the Bears were moved to places with a smaller population nearby.
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