Pirate3DP raises S$589K from Red Dot Ventures to bring 3D printers to mass market

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-30
On June, Professor Zhang Chengdong, Brendan Wu and Zeng you, the fresh graduates, and Professor a/Prof ur (Adjunct)
Neo Kok Beng of the National University of Singapore designed and manufactured a 3D printer, a device that generates tangible physical objects from digital files.
For those who are not familiar with 3D printing, its role is to convert digital files into real digital files, tangible objects-once bits and bytes can now be held in the palm of your hand.
While it sounds incredible, this is quickly becoming a reality with the advent of 3D printing technology.
There are a variety of different types of 3D printing technology, but they all have a common core problem: they create a 3D object created by a continuous layer until the entire object is completed.
\"The benefit of this technology is that now everyone can do anything in his living room,\" said slsleslie Loh, general manager of Red Dot venture capital, \"3D printing will leave a mark in the universe, we are happy to support a local startup and participate in this technological revolution \".
The company\'s flagship product, Buccaneer, is currently in the prototype development phase.
2013, it will not only provide affordable and easy for consumersto-
Use a 3D printing solution, but it will also be a playground for artists to create, make money and share ideas with others.
Although rapid prototyping has long existed, it has only recently become an affordable technology for consumers.
\"In the near future, everyone will have a 3D printer at home, sitting next to their paper printer, making plastic jewelry, kitchen utensils, toys, models, homework items and non-
Key replacement parts.
Roger Zhang, CEO of Pirate3DP, said, \"Nevertheless, the current consumption model is either too expensive or too difficult to use.
We intend to change that.
Pirate3D will bring this technology into everyone\'s home by reducing it
Cost, efficiency and usersfriendly.
\"The latter Pirate3DP raised $589 from red dot businesses to bring 3D printers to the mass market, which first appeared on The e27.
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