One Thing Is Clear From Davos, Blockchain Is Out Of Beta

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-03
Under the firm and grim title of \"creating a common future in a broken world\", World elites gathered in Davos, Switzerland, to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.
Awaiting the arrival of President Donald Trump, delegates are full of predictions about the state of the global economy and whether national austerity will mark the end of what we know as multilateral.
While Trump\'s speech on the closing day of the forum shows that the United States does not necessarily mean the United States in the first place, there is a branch
The theme echoing through the snow
DAVOS-The mountains of blockchain, blockchain, blockchain.
Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that supports the rise of bitcoin (
There are nearly 1,500 cryptocurrency)
Its followers claim that it will change the world.
Although blockchain and digital assets are widely displayed on the main stage of Davos, but perhaps the most insightful dialogue takes place at events only hosted by groups such as the global blockchain business council, where his CEO Jamie Smith and chairman Tomika tilehmann have become helping blockchain. global Messenger to the mainstream.
In fact, Jamie Smith made her personal mission to be a commentator. in-
In this way, more people in the world can seize its potential.
In these blockchain discussions, a lofty agenda dominated the discussion from emerging regulatory frameworks such as Gibraltar\'s move to become a truly market-choice for initial coin offerings (ICOs).
Eva Kelly, the EU\'s strongest digital transformation advocate in Parliament, is working to develop sensible legislation that will not hinder innovation, but will encourage it.
It is becoming more and more obvious that digital assets and the distributed ledger technology that supports them will not disappear.
Based on these market trends, blockchain-
From financial inclusion to various grinding issues such as rural electrified, infrastructure-based solutions may be entering a period of accelerated deployment.
In fact, the famous Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto mentioned in a recent article the potential of the blockchain to eradicate poverty
Created by Phil Graham.
Speaking of blockchain opportunities in cutting-edge and emerging markets, entrepreneurs such as Paula Guedes and her startup Jobzi are taking a fresh look at the job market in Brazil and using blockchain to balance careers
Elizabeth Rossi is changing the pan completely.
BitPesa\'s African payment market, while Gabriel Abed, founder and serial entrepreneur of BitPesa, is becoming a veritable password --
He worked with the central bank of the Caribbean.
War against opacity, friction, and institutional distrust --
Time is low around the world, and not only do these entrepreneurs have some firm opponents, they also have a powerful new tool in the blockchain.
Just as emerging and cutting-edge economies are taking a leap from physical and fixed-asset banks,
Many of these countries will be evidence of a new form of trust --
Based on governance and decentralized economic structures.
The former Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi r ivas shared just as much in his speech, highlighting how Estonia is at the top of the national digital transformation rankings.
The former Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent lamoué, presided over more than once in the great earthquake, but two national disasters, which actually made Haiti more calm and led to a cholera outbreak among United Nations peacekeepers, the emphasis was placed on how the blockchain could enhance the continuity and resilience of the government.
In fact, scattered, scattered
The premise nature of the blockchain registry makes the technology flexible in design and becomes an ideal \"seed bank\" for key information such as land ownership \".
Public sector leaders, such as Prime Minister Lamo, Albert Isola, Minister of Commerce of Gibraltar, and Nick Cowan, CEO of the newly established Gibraltar blockchain exchange (GBX)
Tell the block chain soon
A leadership-based solution cannot live in a vacuum.
They, like other delegates, urged leadership to take full advantage of the potential of this underlying technology.
Perhaps the most convincing.
Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury Group, captured the shift, saying that with blockchain, we can move towards a world where people are in asset, debt and personal data centers, not on the periphery.
As a matter of fact, more and more entrepreneurs, like Nigerian entrepreneurs julius aginyemiin-
Residence of MIT Media Lab and UWIN Corp. CEO, who is working with Sandra Luo, one of CME Group\'s chief architects of bitcoin futures products, is using blockchain to bring assets stranded in Africa to market.
These entrepreneurs realize that blockchain can transfer the value of the Internet to information sharing.
One thing is from Davos, the blockchain has been out of the testing phase, and there is nothing more real in Asia than that. His CEO Phang Yew Kiat is a loyal supporter of blockchain and digital transformation. Mr.
Yew Kiat\'s company has successfully processed millions of banks and other highly regulated transactions using blockchainPlatform-based.
If the world is moving from analog to digital, from digital to decentralized, companies like Chongxin are showing the value of leadership, when it comes to leveraging the potential of blockchain, best Tone and quick prototyping.
In addition to financial services and digital identity (the pillar of the blockchain), some of the more pioneering work is underway in terms of electricity, energy metering, partial asset ownership and supply chain sources.
Here, in the context of the popularity of Weinstein
It turns out that women are the most ruthless leaders in the blockchain community.
Leaders like Veronica Garcia, CEO of BitLumens, are \"finally-
By leveraging the blockchain to not only provide lighting, but also provide a real form of rental and payment collection, Mile has made progress in rural electrified.
Cooperation with PowerLedger
The founder and chairman of Jemma Green proved the blockchain
Based on energy metering, a new energy future is not only possible, it is here.
It is vital that these breakthroughs enable utilities and governments to rethink their role
Adjust the balance sheet to diversify energy.
Regarding the supply chain and the source of goods and commodities, Leanne Kemp, founder and CEO of Everledger, is committed to solving the perennial problem of blood diamonds through blockchain. based registry.
With that, she immediately addressed one of the industry\'s most insidious challenges, while opening the door for the first time to make diamonds a tradable commodity.
The transparency of the blockchain and the power of widespread trust, derived from its unchangeable record-keeping, are accelerating the transformation of a range of supply chains from precious metals and gems to food and agriculture.
Perhaps with the advent of this technology, commodity producers will begin to move up the value chain.
With the Doomsday Clock moving slowly near midnight for two minutes, following annus horibilis for risk, the technology can sow the seeds of trust and reduce friction, the inclusion of stranded assets in the global economy on an unprecedented scale will contribute to common prosperity and resilience.
By accelerating the adoption of blockchain, the world will be well served.
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