oberg industries: precision toolmaker and manufacturer of metal and plastic parts and assembled components.

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It\'s no secret that in the past few years, hundreds of companies in the mold, stamping and molding industries have closed, scaled down or merged with other companies.
Today, the competitive situation in these industries is as difficult as at any time in the past 50 years.
During that time, obberg Industries, headquartered in PA Freeport, has evolved from a tool and mold manufacturer to a diversified highquality, high-
Components and assemblies for bulk precision metals and plastics.
Donald E. was founded in 1948.
Oberger has pioneered the application of hard alloys in the high-tech field.
Precision stamping die and mold parts.
The carbide tool provides the same resistance as the traditional tool steel, extending the die life while maintaining the critical tolerances of the flat and forming metal stamping parts.
Obberg and carbide quickly became synonymous with the critical tolerance components needed to make the motor industry.
Today, the company has annual sales of more than $100 million, serving customers in more than 50 countries on five continents.
It employs about 650 employees at its manufacturing facility in PA Freeport; Chandler, AZ;
And Baleya de Heredia, Colombia;
It also has sales offices in Germany and Singapore.
The aubergh industry consists of six precision companies and one wholly-owned company.
Their name indicates the direction the company has developed since its inception as a tool and mold manufacturer: obberg manufacturing;
Obig hard alloy punch die
Independent tools and molds; Oberg Arizona;
Ralph Hart, president and CEO of Oberg stamping technology, and Oberg\'s management team have developed a route for the company to leverage its ability to develop new products and deliver precision manufacturing solutions to its customers.
\"When our customers choose us, they work with experienced engineers, technicians and artisan teams to focus on researching the requirements of their projects and developing production plans that suit them,\" said Hart.
\"We help them reduce costs, speed up time to market and improve product quality.
\"The traditional customers of obig have such qualities --
Conscious industries such as automobiles, aerospace, containers, telecom, computers, electrical appliances and electronics.
The medical device industry also topped the list of products targeted by ObergMedical.
Orberg specializes in the production of precision metals and plastic parts and assemble them into final components and products.
A good example recently is a precise telecom wall jack.
In this project, obberg provides a prototype design and provides design modifications to optimize manufacturing, which helps to greatly improve the quality of the parts.
The company has designed new stamping dies to produce precision contacts, developed injection molds and designed a new automated assembly line.
Today, obberg manufactures metal and plastic parts for these communication jacks and automatically assemble, inspect, Mark and package them for delivery to customers.
Production tools and automated production lines are still in production.
Assemble components to the customer until full production begins.
Oberger is a high-quality vision in line with the founder\'s vision, building and maintaining a reputation at the core of solid values, committed to maintaining a well-trained workforce, and the ability to provide precision parts and assembly parts for the markets and industries it serves.
Each of its manufacturing facilities, for example, operates under one or more of the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 9002, QS-9000, and FDA.
The success and development of the company relies on highly skilled employees to master sophisticated manufacturing processes.
Since the early days of his 1950 s, obig has sponsored his own apprenticeship training.
In the past, it had nearly 150 apprentices at the same time, but recently it had the ability --based plan.
At present, 52 employees are apprentices in the company. paid time.
In order to ensure the quality of the candidates for the project, obig screened and tested potential employees before hiring.
The latest development of its apprenticeship program is to provide online training through the Internet, such as training provided by the University of tools (www. toolingu. com).
The apprenticeship program course is designed to introduce new employees into the field of precision workshop processing and prepare them to learn new skills quickly. ToolingU.
Com\'s online training also provides continuous and real training for obberg
Time monitoring of the progress of the students.
As a global designer and supplier of precision molds in the stamping industry, the company has expanded its own parts manufacturing capabilities, including precision metal stamping, plastic injection molding and assembly.
So today, most of obberg\'s work is metal stamping and plastic injection molding and supported by its interior
Manufacturing and processing of precision tools for home.
Obberg also offers product design support, selectivity and overall reel-to-
Automation Equipment for sheet plating, insertion molding and custom design.
As a contract processing supplier.
The process of aubeg runs through all fields from traditional milling to precision machining. D. and O. D.
Fine Grinding, hard grinding, double grinding
Disk and surface grinding, as well as wire and stamping EDM.
With years of experience in precision manufacturing, Oberger also offers tight tolerances, high
Precision metal and ceramic parts.
The company can grind or process parts with high quality from prototype to production quantity, made of aluminum, nickel, magnesium, nickel, hard alloy, stainless steel, ceramics, and a variety of exotic materials.
These parts are currently being used in automotive systems, CD/DVD tools, computer disk drives, production lines for food and beverage cans, EDM machines, measurement systems, medical equipment, optical systems, printed circuit board manufacturing.
Obig\'s feature is-
Internal heat treatment, low temperature facilities, vacuum laboratories, and highly specialized grinding and steering work centers and EDM machines.
For applications that customers need most, the company always reduces the tolerance of parts to 0. 00002\" (0. 0005 mm).
Other processing milestones include: * The Circle degree is less than 0. 00001\" (0. 00025 mm)
* Surface finish less than l RA * Micro-
Size, precision I. D. S is as small as 0. 003\" (0. 076 mm)
* The hole position accuracy is 0. 00002\" (0. 0005 mm)* I. D. /O. D.
The concentration is less than 0. 00005\" (0. 001 mm)T. I. R.
* The size of the precision machining hole is reduced to 0. 005\" (0. 125 mm)
Here\'s obberg: EDM-how to achieve these machining milestones-
The EDM department has a full range of wire and stamping machine tools for complex, tight tolerance work.
As technology advances, oberg continues to upgrade the device to allow it to maintain stricter tolerances.
\"Our professional EDM equipment has opened up many new opportunities for us, especially in ultra-precision, very professional projects,\" Jeff Ambrose, director of EDM at obig
\"Line EDMing enables obberg to produce molds with a tolerance of 0.
0002 \"in a stamping.
\"Oberg usually works with tolerances such [+ or -]0. 0001\" and [+ or-]0.
00005 on Wire and\"+ or -]0.
0003 \"or tighter on RamEDM.
The average machine time of nearly 800 hours per week produces parts with sub-micron tolerances and finish up to 4 RA.
EDMtechnology enables obberg to provide customers with high quality parts and shorten delivery time for demanding applications such as rotor/stator tools, connector tools, medical components, container tools and complexHigh-Speed lapping--
Oberger is one of the largest high-tech industries in the United States.
High speed grinding or fine grinding equipment in the United StatesS.
Trained and experienced technicians use the equipment to produce parts with a flatness and a row of 0.
Do not give up lappingtolerances 00002 \". Oberg\'s high-
Speed Grinding is faster and cheaper than traditional grinding, can accommodate materials up to 4 \"thick, and can produce surface finish up to 2 RA. Withhigh-
With speed grinding, Oberg can achieve machining repeatability as small as 2 microns, resulting in reliable, tightly-tolerated parts.
Ensure quality control through in
Perform product checks at each work center to ensure that key, customer-established cpklevel is maintained. Micro Tooling--
As the design of new products requires smaller and more complex components, obig has developed into
Size precision parts for automotive, medical, telecom, office automation, motor winding, final fiber optic applications.
For example, the company usually provides very accurate and precise I. D.
S is as small as 0.
003 \"maintenance at the same time. D. /I. D.
Concentricity is 0. 00004\".
The materials used include metal tool steel, hard alloy and ceramics.
The dimensional tolerance is kept in [+ or -]0. 00002\".
CEO Ralph Hart concluded: \"high quality manufacturing is the foundation of the company\'s establishment.
This is the core of our business.
We have become the benchmark for quality and precision manufacturing.
This capability will continue to drive our success as obberg continues to manufacture high quality metal and plastic parts as well as tools to make these parts that meet very strict tolerance parameters over and over again.
\"Oberg industry, www. rsleads. com/309tp-
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