nurturing startups trying to reduce pollution from plastic

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-09-05
The problem with plastic pollution is so huge that for startups that focus only on reducing all the waste, it deserves to be a commercial accelerator.
There\'s one now.
It is called \"thinking beyond the plastic commercial accelerator\", a registered welfare company that is part of \"Beyond Plastic\"
Greater initiatives have been launched. (
Profit social enterprises, according to the law, in addition to the financial bottom line, must also consider the interests of members such as the community and employees).
The accelerator is based in Menlo Park, mainly virtual operations, and the company goes to the headquarters every month.
Startups can take advantage of the usual mentors and financing opportunities, but they can also reach the main brands that are interested in sustainability.
In addition, the accelerator is open to companies that exceed the supermarket
Early stages, such as income, or products ready to go public, and early stageseed-stage startups.
There may be a sales day in the end, but this has been resolved.
In any case, the goal is to help the company reach a new level.
Co-wrote: \"Success for us is a real reduction in plastic pollution, not just bringing the company to market
Founder Destin Layne said in an email.
\"We are interested in speeding up the listing of our business, rather than driving the listing of our business during the training period. \"Layne and co-
Founder Daniella Russo is also raising money to invest directly in startups.
When Layne ran a consulting firm in New York City, the founder met what she called \"advocacy and innovation \"---
Explore the creative impact of technology on propaganda.
For her, Russo is executive director of the Berkeley plastics pollution coalition
A global alliance of about 200 organizations at headquarters dedicated to solving problems related to plastic pollutionfounded. (
Last spring, it held a competition for entrepreneurs working to solve the plastic crisis).
The two had breakfast last fall before Russo would speak to the United Nations, and they talked about the need to do more than launch the game ---
Specifically, provide acceleration and business support for emerging startups to develop technologies and systems that reduce plastic waste.
It was then that they came up with the idea of launching an accelerator.
The first class consists of four start-ups, all of which are at different stages of pregnancy. (
According to Layne, there will be more companies in future meetings)
: Plastic also includes an enterprise called \"thinking outside the Plastic Innovation Forum\", a non-profit organization affiliated with social and environmental entrepreneurs (SEE).
It aims to stimulate innovation and pioneering spirit in the field of plastic pollution, hold an annual conference and carry out competitive activities focusing on problem solving.
Eventually, Layne says she wants to run accelerator meetings for target groups, such as startups that focus on packaging categories or specific types of products.
But now, she says, \"We start with a group of companies that we think have the most potential.
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