Now you can print your FACE on a latte: Coffee machine lets anyone create intricate foam art in just 10 seconds

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-24
Only the most skilled barista can craft sophisticated foam art.
Now, a new system called Ripple Maker allows anyone to print complex designs on latte and cappuccino.
This technology combines 3D printing technology with ink.
A spray system that prints out natural coffee extracts, called Ripple Pods.
Video users can choose designs through the Ripple app, such as inspiring information and images from their loved ones.
Images can be taken from ripples\'s content library, or customers can submit images from their camera roll that will be converted into foam art at the venue.
You can then edit, scale, filter images and add text.
According to Steam CC, the company behind the system, the image will be printed on coffee in less than 10 seconds.
The system also automatically adjusts to a range of coffee cups up to 7 inch high and 4 cups. 5 inches wide.
$999 (£640)
At present, Ripple Maker is only suitable for commercial organizations that provide coffee.
Lufthansa will be the first global brand to use the technology and will launch the technology in their first and business class lounges later this year.
\"Latte art is one of the most popular images on social media.
Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Steam CC, the parent company of Ripples, said that we are taking the latte art to a whole new level.
When you put something beautiful in someone else\'s hands, they want to share it.
That\'s how we make ripples in this world.
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