New makerspaces in Jakarta that will accelerate innovation

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-10-05
The campaign for manufacturers in Indonesia is accelerating.
At the Social Media Week in Jakarta, managers of makerspaces gathered to announce a closer dawn --
Indonesia\'s innovation ecosystem is closer and more efficient.
Makerspace is similar to co-
Work space, increase the difference between sweat and dirt.
Types of work done in makerspace typically include taking things apart, welding, drilling, laser cutting and 3D printing, and even processing chemicals and biological substances.
The key is rapid prototyping: cutting is available
Innovators are able to accelerate the innovation cycle and move quickly from creativity to products thanks to edge tools and cross-cutting support and collaboration.
Indonesia\'s neighbor, Singapore, has a scene of active makers, with several such spaces to choose from.
The small country ranks seventh in the 2014 Global Innovation Index and first among Asian neighbors.
Indonesia, which is somewhat behind in the maker\'s campaign and hardware innovation games, seems to be slowly catching up as new highlights have emerged over the past few months and years.
Some makerspace in Jakarta: Address: Facilities in De Laris Resto. Jl.
Antarry. 44. Cipete Selatan. Jakarta.
Contact: co @ makedonia.
Address: Building 2, MD Plaza, 5 th floor. Jl.
Cétibudi, Latan No. 7. Kuningan.
Jakarta Contact: sofian @ crazyhackerz.
Address: Palem Ganda Asri Blok B/b10No 9. Jl.
Rea bin Laden Saleh
Kalang tengga, Kalang tengga.
Contact: kerjasama @ geraicerdas.
Host: Jalan Lingkar Luar Barat No.
36, Barat 11750, Jakarta Contact Information: 62 215415510 address: Contact Information: me @ vikingkarwur is currently under renovation.
ComSee: Singapore\'s most unlikely Maker Space, Jakarta\'s new maker space, will accelerate technological innovation in Asia.
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