new investment casting method combines cad and cnc.

by:INDUSTRIAL-MAN     2019-08-22
Direct production of castings (DSPC)
A new manufacturing method for cast metal parts combines the advantages of CNC machining and investment casting.
The process is based on 3D printing | TM ~ (3DP)
A technology developed by the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMIT).
It is reported that dsp c allows the user to produce ceramic molds for metal parts directly from the computeraided design (CAD)
The model created on the computer screen.
This technology is expected to reduce the time and effort required to make metal parts through traditional investment casting methods.
Dsp c eliminates several steps of the traditional investment casting process, including the manufacture of the core mold and wax mold, the Assembly of the pattern to the pouring system, the immersion of the shell and
Dsp c machines use a process similar to ink to directly convert CAD visual representation to physical objectsjet printing.
Objects made with 3DP are built with thin layers.
First, spread a layer of powder through the roller mechanism.
Then, a print head containing one or more inkjet-
The type nozzle passes through the layer and deposits the liquid adhesive in the area corresponding to the geometry cross-section of the part.
The adhesive penetrates the pores between the powder particles to make them adhere to each other.
Using almost the same ceramic material and adhesive as the investment casting plant, this technology can directly manufacture the ceramic shell with the overall core.
In fact, any molten metal can be poured into the shell to produce a functional part.
At present, castings have been produced in alloys such as cobalt
Chrome and Inconel.
The equipment used to make the case for dsp c includes a bin with powder.
The bin is equipped with a piston, which can be lowered in small increments through computer control.
Release a small amount of powder from the Hopper above the bin and drop to the shelf flush with the edge of the bin.
A roller then passes through the silo to disperse the powder into a thin layer.
Above the powder, spray
Type print head with liquid adhesive across powder surface in TV
Like the grating pattern of parallel lines
Ink jet nozzles continuously spray a small amount of adhesive on the surface of the powder.
However, when applying a voltage to the electrode below the nozzle, the droplets are charged and deflected into the trap before reaching the powder.
The computer changes the voltage on the electrode and deposits the adhesive only at a specific location corresponding to the cross-section of the layer.
Repeat the process of applying powder and printing to each cross section of the object until the entire geometry is constructed.
The shell is then dried and the kiln is fired to increase the strength.
Finally, the uncombined powder is usually removed by brushing and shaking.
One of the benefits claimed by Dsp c is that it allows designers to design parts without geometric constraints, receive functional parts made of any pouring metal within a few days, and pay by weight of the metal contained.
Received an order from the joint technology company for dsp c machine
National Laboratories of Pratt & Whitney, Johnson & Johnson and Sandia.
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